Man Exposed Uber/Grab Driver for Hiding Decal Coz He ‘Very Free Nothing to Do’

If you thought you’re free from ‘bao to’ kings once you have completed your NS…

You’re wrong.

Because like you, they’ve entered society. Like you, they got studies and jobs. Unlike you, however, they endeavored to continue their tattling ways. In fact, they’ve multiplied by the dozens, and are threatening to conquer the world.

Just look at this for an example.

Image: hardwarezone
Image: hardwarezone

“Today I very free nothing to do.” 


What happened?

A motorist noticed that the car in front of him had a questionable sticker on the top left of its back screen, and being a quick thinking citizen, snapped a shot of it.

He went on to confirm his suspicions on the LTA website, and ascertained that the driver had indeed attempted to hide his private-hire status.

The concerned motorist followed up with a file report to LTA: naming the car plate no. and describing why it was necessary to take action on the driver.

“The photo sumit clearing shows the driver’s intention in covering the private decal. Pls take necessary action as I felt that the driver might be up to something funny in hidding his vehicle status from the public.”

The motorist even sent a screenshot of the report to Facebook group Taxiuncle (that’s like a hub for Singapore’s drivers), and as an added bonus included a ‘cryptic’ message.

“Sorry man. Today I very free nothing to do. Good luck.”

Decals are NOT meant to be hidden/altered

If you recall, LTA have made one thing very clear: they don’t care whether you decorate your decal with flowers, make it look like Kylie Jenner, or garnish it with pepper.

What they do care about is that the decal has got to be clear and visible and shows the world that you’re a private-hire driver. Flout it? You got a harsh penalty on your hands.

And they have stayed true to their words: they have been looking out for potential offenders, and have even created a system for motorists to verify whether a car was supposed to possess a decal.

So far, more than a simple handful have been caught in the act, and well, they didn’t exactly get off on the slight.


While I can’t access the Facebook group Taxiuncle because I’m not a member (so far anyway), a Netizen has done us a great service by posting the excerpt on a Hardwarezone forum thread.

Image: Hardwarezone

It turns out that the Forum users have plenty of opinions to offer. (when have they never had?)

Some blasted the guilty driver.

Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone

For the sake of convenience, I shall name our dear concerned motorist (i.e. bao to king) here Suarez. We’ve got his actual name here but we shall decline to reveal it.

Alright back to the equation.

A few chose to fire at Suarez instead, and they were real subtle about it.

Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone

If you’re alert, you would have noticed that Suarez here is a pretty ardent Man Utd fan. Just look at his profile photo.

Image: Hardwarezone

So for the last part, we have a party of driven individuals that seem hell bent on making Man Utd the scapegoat. No idea how that works, but…

Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone

Baoto-ing, or just doing the right thing?

Is Suarez doing right thing, or just being a bao to king?

Honestly, I’m leaning towards the latter. Just look at his caption in his message to the Facebook group Taxiuncle.

“Sorry man. Today I have nothing to do. Good luck.”

Yo, when people are bored they surf the net or chat with friends. Since when do people sabotage others just because they are bored? And notice that it’s LTA here. The driver’s gonna get screwed, you know. All because you’re bored?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a true winner here. Let’s give a round of applause for him.

And present him with a gold medal while at it. Why not? He deserves it.

On a serious note though, the driver’s in the wrong. He’s clearly in the wrong. There have been previous cases for reference, and if he’s still testing the waters, he’s fair game to be caught.

But it’s just his luck that he got hooked by a real downer.

He must have murdered a rabbit in cold blood his previous life or something.

About a week ago, another driver was bao-to’d by netizens as well. He has used a Monash University sticker to cover his decal, and it actually looks pretty slick until you realise what’s wrong.

Guess some people think it’s not a good idea to let others know that they’re making an honest living.

Disclaimer: there’s one thing I do want to add though. Suarez is NOT a representative for all Man Utd fans. I will have you know that yours truly has supported Man Utd for most of his life, and has never bao-to’d anybody before (probably).

So yeah, give Man Utd fans a break.

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Featured Image: Hardwarezone Forums