Viral #3DollarBaller Vending Machine Event At Raffles Place Stopped By Police After Hundreds Turn Up

Everyone likes free stuff.

And us, Singaporeans? We love them. Yes, we might be a suspicious bunch, but the moment we see that it’s true, nothing will stop us.

So, first things first, what the heck is a #3DollarBaller?

It’s a vending machine that, believe it or not, dispense $50 notes if you put $3 in.

Image: Halo Fanon – Fandom


Put $3 into the machine, and a guy hidden inside will hand you a $50 note.

Image: 3dollarballer Instagram

In other words, free money.

Singaporeans convinced it’s real and went crazier than Hello Kitty Fans


So what do you think will happen once people know this is legit?

And you know when’s the next event that’s going to happen.

Yup, you got it right.

They’ll turn up for it…in the hundreds.

On 28 Feb 2018, it was reported that at 11.30 am, 300 people turned up at Raffles Green and started queueing up.


At 11.45am, when the organisers tried to shift the machine to Battery road, causing a mad rush as people followed after the machine.

At 12 pm, the organisers shifted the machine again, this time to the grass patch in front of Chevron House.

Efforts by the organisers to get the crowd to queue up in an orderly manner failed.

Tensions ran high and an uncle who tried to cut queue was shouted at by many people in the crowd.


Uncle, go behind lah, later you kena beaten up.” 

People could also be seen pushing and shoving each other.

Police turned up to stop the event


Unfortunately, the event only lasted 45 minutes as the police turned up to stop the event.

They talked to the organiser for about ten minutes, after which she announced to the crowd that the event is stopped.

She claimed that the police had told her to stop the event and asked the crowd to disperse slowly from the area for their own safety.

You can watch the video of the event below:

Planned event outside Somerset 313 cancelled

Image: 3 Dollar Baller website

Not unexpectedly, 3 Dollar Baller has cancelled their last vending machine event at Orchard.

They claimed that all $50 notes have been fully redeemed.

But here’s the most curious thing

After the police turn up, after a mob formed, after so many people have redeemed their $50 notes, nobody knows what this is all about.

Many have speculated that it’s likely a publicity stunt, but have no idea who’s behind it.

3dollarballer has promised that they’ll reveal everything on their website on 1 Mar, which is tomorrow.

Well, you know what my mom says, “Ah boy ah, there’s no free lunch in this world ah.”

Then again, my mom also told me to eat all the free samples in FairPrice also.

But you got to give it to them though.

If this is a publicity event, then it got to be one of the more successful ones in history.

Because whether you’ve redeemed your $50 or not, you’re now curious to know what they’re all about.

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