Woman Bit into Insect in a Yishun Coffeeshop Drink & Coffeeshop Allegedly Said, ‘Bobian’

Imagine this: you’ve just ordered a kopi peng and are enjoying it when you suck something that isn’t kopi peng: it’s small, chewy and soft, almost like a black pearl from KOI.

Well, except it isn’t a pearl. It’s an insect.

And that’s what Facebook user Maisie Low experienced…in a Yishun coffeeshop.

Recounting her experience, she claimed that she had bit into the insect. Here a look at the poor pearl insect.

Image: Facebook (Maisie Low)

While this is definitely gross, it’s what the coffeeshop assistant (or boss—let’s just put it as the assistant) did after that that made Maisie, and many other people angry.

The coffeeshop assistant allegedly just offered a new cup of coffee, and claimed that “this kind of situation they BOBIAN”.

Not sure if that’s the answer they intend to give to NEA should they be investigated.

But anyway, someone has already tagged NEA’s Facebook page in Maisie’s post.

Image: Facebook (Maisie Low)

And it seems like she’s not the only one who has experienced this.

Here’s Maisie’s full account, complete with her emotions.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Facebook (Maisie Low)

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