Woman Who Failed Driving Test 7 Times Overturned the Car on the 8th Attempt

You know what’s tougher than getting beat?

Getting worse instead of improving yourself every time you fail at doing something.

A lady in Zhuhai, China, learnt the hard way on how things can turn against her when thing spiral out of control. Or should we say overturned.

Image: World of Buzz

Why? Well, this poor woman failed her driving test for not one, not two, but SEVEN times. And then, on the eighth try, she lost control of the car and it overturned.


How did it happen, you might want to ask? Well, it was just another day in Zhuhai, Guangdong, and the woman was determined to pass her 8th driver’s license test. She had failed for 7 consecutive years.

When she was approaching an S-bend while driving on the road, she found that she couldn’t control her car and made a swerve.

The car hit a tree. And that’s not just it yet ah.

It hit a WALL too.

In the final calamity, the car did a flip and ended upside down.

According to the lady, she was feeling nervous about driving, and when she should have stepped on the brake while closing in on the S-bend, her foot went and hit the accelerator instead.

She said that the car proceeded to go faster instead of stopping like she wanted it to do.

She panicked and continued to step HARDER on the accelerator, causing everything to go into the wind and the crash, and finally turtled vehicle.

Source: YouTube

A video has since gone viral on the incident, showing a couple of rescuers trying to convince her to come out of the car after the accident. The lady seemed visibly shaken by the incident, but was thankfully unharmed.

The officials tried their best to calm her down by telling her that it’s alright, as she’s not injured. She didn’t need to panic anymore and just needed to unbuckle and slide out of the car. She finally managed to gather up some courage and came out, although she did still seem a bit shaky.

I mean, if I were in her shoes, I’d be terrified.

According to another news portal, the lady sat for the manual test for a total of 5 times, and as for the automatic car driving test, it was 3 times.

Image: Stomp The Straits Times

Hmm, I wonder if she is able to overcome her traumatic accident and try out for the 9th time. Now that this has happened though, I wonder if she will even be allowed to sit for another driving test too!

There might still be some hope for her though. In South Korea, there was another incident where a woman sat for the driver’s exam for 950 times, and she finally passed. The 68-year old woman wasn’t able to score the minimum 60/100 points in a written examination before she could sit behind a steering wheel for the actual driving test.

There is hope, people. Just whether you want to give in, or persevere!

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Featured Image: World of Buzz

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