Xu Bin: 8 Facts About This Actor Who’s Getting Married Soon

Even if you’re not an ardent follower of Mediacorp, you would probably still recognize this handsome dude.

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His name is Xu Bin, and he’s a Mediacorp Artiste who has acted in several popular Channel 8 dramas.

But did you know that he’s getting married?

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For the fan girls, I can totally imagine you screaming and banging your heads on the keyboard and telling yourself that it’s not happening.

But I assure you; it’s very true.

For those who don’t really care, just know this: his love story could be utilized as the base work for a solid political Korean drama.

In other words, it’s pretty interesting.

Don’t believe me? Read on.

He had to keep his relationship a secret

It’s almost like a Korean drama: Xu Bin had to keep his relationship under wraps for 2 years from not only his fans, but his manager too.

Artists signed to Dasmond Koh’s agency NoonTalk Media are not permitted to get romantically involved, as Koh feels that it might distract them from their work.

As a result, Xu was technically disobeying his boss when he got together with his girlfriend.

When Koh lifted the ban for some around a year ago, however, Xu promptly revealed the truth.

I can’t even imagine how shiok he must have felt when he finally spilled the beans. Two years of holding such a large secret to your chest?

I would rather have a chocolate chip cookie.

If you’re wondering why Koh did a 180 degree U-turn on his own policy, it’s because Xu has reached an ‘ideal age’.

Work is important, but them getting on with their personal lives is also important. At this point in their lives, they’re mature enough to know what to do, and I would also want them to get married and have families of their own.”

Which means that Aloysius Pang is officially on the market.

Image: 8 Days

Zong Zi Jie, 20 and Timothee Yap, 22, however, are still out of bounds.

Image: TODAYonline

Too bad for you ladies. You got to wait a couple more years for them to fly out of the cage.

Or you could just hook up under the table. 😉

How did he date under such tight scrutiny?

But that also raises the question: how did he head out on his dating trips when there were so many eyes on him?

There’s the media, for one. There are the onlookers for two. Last but not least, we have his friendly boss, Dasmond, who has surely implemented a couple of curfews on the lads to ensure that they stick to the no-girlfriend rule.

So how did Xu do it?

Well, for a start, his girlfriend is based in Wuhan (China), so their relationship has largely been a long-distance one.

“In a way, that helped make things easier, hiding the relationship from everyone,” Xu said.

“Dating hasn’t been easy, because we could never hold hands, or do the usual things that couples do, in public. I’m glad I can finally start posting some pictures of us together on social media.”

It’s been tough on you, mate.

Image: 8 Days

Glad to see that you can finally enjoy her company 🙂

We want to know even more; how did they meet?

According to the Straits Times, Xu, 28, had met his fiancee, Ms Wang Yifei, 27, at a friend’s birthday party here more than three years ago.

Despite being a Beijing Film Academy graduate, she has no plans to join the show business. Instead, she chose to assist her family’s property business.

But her academic background was ultimately what connected the couple.

“I was definitely the one who was interested in her first, and I wanted to chase her,” Xu said. “At the time, I hadn’t been acting for very long, so I kept asking her for acting advice.”

“She has watched my dramas, and she always says that I’m a terrible actor,” he said with a laugh.

Image: 8 Days

Aww, so sweet.

Well, who would have ever expected this? Our handsome duke here, who’s every girl’s dream man, actually had to make the first move!

Finally… how did he pop the question?

“We rode a yacht out from Sentosa, and Kimberly really helped, buying balloons and decorating the yacht for us,” Xu said. “It was very romantic. I am really grateful to her.”

Image: 8 Days

So Xu popped the question on a yacht, and Kimberly Chia here helped him out.

Image: Kimberly Chia Instagram

Mmm… friendship at it’s best. Hello, Ms Chia. Are you out of the cage?

Wedding banquets

The couple plan to hold not one, not two, but three wedding banquets.

One will be held in Singapore in November, while the other two will be in January, in Xu’s and Wang’s respective hometowns of Fujian and Wuhan.

Image: 8 Days

But one thing’s for sure: Xu has come a long way.

And what better way to commemorate his upcoming wedding, than to go through his journey to stardom?

Singapore wasn’t his birthplace

Contrary to popular belief, Xu Bin actually hails from Fujian, China. In a bid to pursue his studies, he subsequently moved to Singapore.

He participated in Campus Superstar before

That’s right! Our young duke actually participated in the popular reality singing competition 11 years ago!

A representative of Woodlands Ring Secondary School, he was unfortunately eliminated during the first round of competition.

To be honest, I think it might have been a good thing that he stuck to acting instead of singing.

But he definitely has the stage presence, even at the tender age of 17. No doubt about that.

Entertainment comeback

After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic in 2012, Xu returned to the showbiz industry, and was handed a role in Singaporean movie Timeless Love, where he starred alongside fellow heart-throb, Aloysius Pang.

Image: singpost.blogspot.sg

Xu subsequently went on to win multiple awards, including the Favourite Male Character in Star Awards 2013, and the Most Favourite On-screen couple with Julie Tan in Star Awards 20.

Image: ScribbleLive

In 2015, he even released his second single ‘幾分之幾’ under NoonTalk Media.

He’s now recognized as one of the 7 Dukes in Mediacorp, and also has his own official fan club called Bingo.

Image: Xu Bin Facebook Page

Kudos, Xu Bin. You’ve sure come a long way!

Here’s wishing you and your soon-to-be bride a blissful marriage, and may you grace our small screens for many more years to come!

P.s. That’s for the fan girls, actually. I haven’t watched a single Mediacorp drama since Unriddle 2.

And that was like fifty years ago?

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