11 Facts About Shane Pow, The Young Duke of MediaCorp


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Shane Pow, one of the seven Dukes of MediaCorp, has a slow start when he first decided to expand his modelling career into something more. He was talent scouted by a modelling agency and later decided to try his luck with Manhunt Singapore 2011. He later signed a contract with Mediacorp as an artiste.

If you’ve not been watching MediaCorp dramas and suddenly find him familiar, that’s because of his role in the latest Channel 8 highly popular drama, When Duty Calls (卫国先峰), playing a “Sabo King” recruit (at least, as of now).

This down-to-earth heartthrob has been winning hearts everywhere, so if you do not know who he is, here’s 10 facts about Shane Pow!

He is hardworking and patient
Shane has a slow start to his acting career after his performance in Manhunt Singapore 2011. He secured numerous roles in local dramas but nothing big was given to him even after signing a contract with Mediacorp.

His breakthrough role was as B
In 2012, Shane was offered a role as B牛 in the local drama, It Takes Two. This proved to be his breakthrough role and he slowly rose to fame from there onwards.

He was nominated as The Best Newcomer in Star Awards 2013
For his role in It Takes Two, he was nominated as one of the Best Newcomers in Star Awards 2013. Unfortunately, he did not win.

He has won 3 awards so far
For his relative short acting career from 2012 till present, he has snagged a total of 3 awards so far. He won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes from 2015 to 2017 and we believe there will be more to come!

He is also a show host
Shane ventured into hosting in 2014. He hosted Cheap and Good as well as Style Check-in 4. Multi-talented, indeed.

He is an avid sportsman before he went into modelling and acting
Shane is an avid sportsman and used to represent the Singapore National Youth Basketball team in international competitions. His budding sporting career came to a halt after he suffered an unexpected injury.

He was a part-time presenter for SPH’s RazorTV’s sport segment “Livewire”
Shane used to be a part-time presenter for “Livewire” where he would conduct interviews with sporting participants during his days in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He was also given the chance to join other teams in various sports as a player and presenter.

He has an official fan club
If you do not know Shane, you are probably one of those who no longer watch Mediacorp TV. He has grown so famous that he has his own official fan club called Shanetics. It isn’t easy to get a fan club within five years so he is definitely a heart throb with some great talent!

He was involved in a controversy in 2016
Shane appeared on television with a “black face” in September 2016 after the casting director failed to find a person of African descent for a role in the drama series I Want to be a Star. The episode was further aggravated by veteran actor Chew Chow Meng as the latter said that “Indians and Africans are all the same”. Following public outcry on social media for being racist, the episode was removed from Toggle one month later.

He is a co-founder of Mojo, a rice bowl and yakitori restaurant at 204 Telok Ayer Street
Shane joined hands with Sean from Sin Lee Food to open Mojo, a protein rice bowl and yakitori restaurant. The duo had met during the filming of Style Check-in and they have strike up a comfortable friendship and business partnership.

He’s attached to another actress, Kimberly Wang
The hunk is currently attached to actress and radio DJ, Kimberly Wang. Here’s something interesting: take a look at Kimberly Wang here.

Image: herworldplus.com

Found her familiar? She has been acting for TV since she was four years old! So Shane, despite being older, isn’t as lao jiao as his girlfriend!


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