You Can Now Transfer Funds with WhatsApp If You’ve a UOB Account

In the digital age today, cashless is, more often than not, the preferred mode of payment.

Just think of Visa Pay Wave (So simple!), e-wallets, etc.

Just this month it was announced that you can now transfer money to your friend’s account with just his handphone number. And we thought it was cool AF.

Just need to be careful to key in the correct number or you might pay the wrong person.

So there you are, thinking. This. Is. Awesome. Now people have no excuse not to return you money liao.

But then, UOB decide to take it a step further and develop something cooler—an android keyboard that allows you to make money transfers in Whatsapp, Carousell and other similar apps.

Are you a UOB user? If you’re not, this might make you change banks liao.

UOB MyKey, An Android Keyboard


Imagine this: your friend just paid for dinner for the entire group. He requests for payment in the group chat.

Typically, you have to exit WhatsApp, log on to your bank’s ibanking platform and make the necessary transfers, right?

With UOB’s keyboard, you don’t have to do all that.


Simply use the keyboard to make the PayNow transfer immediately in Whatsapp. And get right back to chatting.

That is the power of UOB latest gizmo to the ibanking scene.

And it’s not just limited to Whatsapp


Called the UOB MyKey, it’s an extension of their ibanking mobile app, UOB Mighty.

Simply set the keyboard as the default keyboard on your Android phone and you can use it to make payment in apps like Carousell, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and more!

Paying people money has never been so easy! Okay, I realise that doesn’t sound like a really good thing actually. But anyways!

Now here’s the bad news: it’s only available for Android users. For iOS users, you’ll have to stick with logging in and out of the ibanking app.

But on the flip side, it means you’re less likely to spend more money, right?

Now tell me that’s not frigging cool.

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