Zara is Selling this Sarong-Lookalike Thingy for $130 & It’s Called a ‘Mini Skirt’

Last year, we had the pricey blue tote bag from Balenciaga:


In 2018, Fast-fashion behemoth, Zara has presented us with this:


On its site, it is called a check mini skirt.

But to me, as a Singaporean Indian, that is a lungi and it is colloquially known as a sarong.


Part of their spring/summer collection, the glorified lungi retails at 69.99 British pounds which is about 130 Sing dollars.


Unlike the OG man-skirt which is available in various patterns and colours, the Spanish retailer’s “tres chic” skirt comes in a brown plaid design with a zip at the back.

While I can see why it is part of their Spring/Summer collection—lungi is lightweight and airy, and that is why men in Southeast Asia wear it, coz’ of the muggy weather!

Just like me, Twittersphere went bananas when they came across the said Zara skirt.

BAME is the abbreviation for Black, Asian and minority ethinic.

Unfortunately, it is not in available in Singapore yet, but you can get something similar in Little India, including Mustafa Centre, for a mere $15 or so!

What do you think about it? Yay or nay?

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