1-Min Instant Bubble Tea With Real Boba Pearls Now Sold in FairPrice for About $4.30 Per Cup

There’s a dull, grey cloud of melancholy hanging over Singapore.

Ever since the circuit breaker was introduced, many treasures have been snatched from us, like eating at coffee shops, meeting friends, and travelling.

But the disappointment and loneliness that comes from the inability to do these things can’t compare to the torturous pain of being away from our one true love.

Reader: Our girlfriend/boyfriend?

Bubble tea.

Reader: Ah, that makes much more sense, yes.

Bubble tea shops have only been closed for nearly two months, but for many of us, it feels like a dry eternity.

I mean, can you even remember what your favourite bubble tea tastes like?

Reader: *sobs* I only remember what Teh Kosong tastes like

Well, what if I told you you could make your own bubble tea at home?

Reader: Yes, yes. We’ve all tried making our own homemade bubble tea. It just tastes like sweetened sewage.

Ah, but I’m not talking about homemade bubble tea. I’m talking about… instant bubble tea.

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1-Min Instant Bubble Tea With Real Boba Pearls

Introducing… J Way’s Taiwan Brown Sugar Bubble Tea!

Image: Yamibuy

Oh yes, you read that right. It’s not just bubble tea, it’s brown sugar bubble tea.

Image: Giphy

According to GirlStyle, this bubble tea product works just like instant noodles. All you have to do is add some water, pop it in a microwave, and voila: bubble tea will magically appear.

Each box comes with milk tea powder, real brown sugar pearls, and even thick straws for that authentic boba experience.

Image: Yamibuy

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So, how do you make it?

Three Simple Steps

According to the instructions on the box, there are three simple steps to making your own instant bubble tea.

Image: Yamibuy

Step 1 Heat the brown sugar pearls – This can be done in a microwave at 800w for 25 seconds or in boiled water for one-and-a-half minutes.

Step 2 – Prepare the milk tea – Dissolve the milk tea powder in hot water and stir for 30 seconds. Then cool it with ice.

Step 3 – Enjoy that boba goodness – Simply place the cooked pearls in your cold glass of bubble tea, use the thick straw provided, and enjoy your first bubble tea in two months!

Image: Yamibuy

Sold in FairPrice for About $4.30 Per Cup

This instant boba delight was spotted at a FairPrice Finest outlet, selling for $25.95.


This means that each cup costs around $4.30, which is not too bad considering you’d normally have to pay delivery fees and wait a long time for your bubble tea these days.

Phase 2 Isn’t Too Far Away

But, if you’re a lazy buggar who would rather be dehydrated than expend energy by making your own bubble tea, I have good news for you: several infectious diseases experts in the country said Singapore looks ready to enter Phase 2 soon.

What will happen in Phase 2?

Well, more firms and businesses, starting with F&B dine-in and retail outlets, gyms and fitness studios, and tuition and enrichment centres, will gradually be allowed to reopen if they can maintain a safe environment for their customers.

Dining out will also be allowed in Phase 2, so you can finally eat your Chendol at the coffee shop without getting a $300 fine.


But most importantly, bubble tea shops will likely reopen.

Image: Giphy

Reader: That’s the only thing I care about right now.

Ok, but you’d also be able to see your friends and boyfriend in Phas-


It will indeed. At such a gloomy time, it’s nice to have something to look forward to.


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