$1-Per-Piece Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawns or D24 Durian on 29 June in Yishun Carnival

Image: papneesoon.sg / Casa nayafana / Shutterstock.com

Due to a bunch of dangerous or weird cases occurring in Yishun in recent years, it has garnered a bit of a controversial reputation akin to that of the state of Florida in the United States.

The Internet doing its thing has also come up with countless jokes about Yishun, including a Twitter account called “Yishun Man”, possibly a play on the famous meme “Florida Man“.

Of course, the Curse of Yishun is honestly just a few unusual crimes being blown out of proportion. Probably.

But there’s definitely some good to come out of Yishun. Here are 7 facts about it that you probably didn’t know.

This next piece of news is definitely something very good happening at Yishun.

Yishun Park Hawker Centre $1 Carnival Returns

It’s back for Round 2 after a positive reception from its first run previously.

With a whopping 26 hawkers to choose from, you can enjoy scrumptious sampling-sized signature dishes at only $1 each!

What dishes are there?

Image: Casa nayafana / Shutterstock.com

Don’t worry, the plethora of choices are guaranteed to trigger your nostalgia in a wave of delectable local delicacies sparking your taste buds. Chicken rice, prawn noodles, roti prata, epok epok, congee, and many more await you.

If you want to venture into something new rather than the usual local hawker food, they’ve got you covered!

Young hawkerpreneurs are reinventing traditional hawker food into the new age, producing dishes such as mentaiko omelette rice, Hakka meatball rice bowl, curry chee cheong fun, and many more.

We don’t want to give away everything, so you should head down and check it out for yourself.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

1000kg Worth of Durians Up For Grabs at $1 Each

Durian lovers where you at?!

Image: TehTarik Poet

Do you perhaps remember our recent Don’t Say Bojio post about a $38 durian buffet?

Well, this one probably blows that out of the water.

Mao Shan Wang, D13, D24, and Red Prawn. 1000 kilograms worth of them. At only $1 each.

Yes, we’re not kidding! All your favourite types of the King of Fruits will be available for purchase at a mere dollar each. It is time to truly feast like a King.

There is a small catch, unfortunately. The amount of $1 durians you may purchase is based on the amount of $1 food/drinks on your receipt(s) from the participating hawker stalls.

In other words, you can only buy as many $1 durians as $1 food/drinks bought.

Fun For All & Lucky Draw

Do you have kids but are afraid to bring them because you’re afraid they may get bored?

Fret not. Its family-friendliness will be a key component of the carnival, with many activities such as kids craft, bouncy castle, weekend bazaar, photo booth, and more to keep people of all ages entertained.

Also – both the bouncy castle and the weekend bazaar are keeping along the $1 trend. This carnival is truly the heaven for everyone who, like me, resonates with the man in this GIF.

Image: Tenor

And the photo booth? It’s transformed from a hawker stall where customers can dress up as hawkers. Now that’s something you don’t see very often.

What’s more, Yishun Park Hawker Centre is promoting its self-tray returning culture by organising a lucky draw at its tray-return stations to give away $1000 worth of Tuck Shop app credits.

Hawker Heroes

The carnival has been organised in the hopes to “celebrate the hawkers at Yishun Park
Hawker Centre and let customers into the meaningful stories of these humble heroes.”

Mr Edward Chia, the Managing Director and Co-founder of the Timbre Group, has also stated that “We refer to our stallholders as hawker heroes. And they really are heroes to
us. We respect them for toiling over hot stoves and working long hours, all in the name
of serving consistently good and affordable food.”

Cheap food, good fun, and we celebrate our hawker heroes. Everybody wins.

  • Date: 29 June 2019, Saturday
  • Time: 11am to 5pm
  • Venue: Yishun Park Hawker Centre, 51 Yishun Avenue 11, Singapore 768867
  • Admission: Free
  • Website: https://yishunparkhc.sg