10 Things You Can Do with Your Unused Tissue Box


Can you remember how many tissue boxes you’ve thrown in the last few months?

Don’t toss your empty tissue boxes just yet! Want to know how else you can better make use of it instead of discarding it? Here are 10 amazing ways you can transform it into something useful.

1. Towel holder

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Image: howdoesshe.com

Want to embrace the minimal concept but don’t know how to? Try turning your empty tissue box into a towel holder. Decorate it with neutral tones such as white, brown and grey, put in your rolls of towels and you are done!

2. Office Organisation 

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Image: howdoesshe.com

For people working in the office, sometimes our desk tends to be filled with all sorts of things; things that are useful but we just can’t seem to find a place for it. With an empty tissue box, we are able to transform it into a desk organiser to organise items into position. Decorate it, and you can put your stationaries, files, personal items- each into their respective tissue boxes.

3. Homemade Pinata

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Image: brit.co

Sometimes we just want to relax and have fun with simple activities. With an empty tissue box, you can turn it into a Pinata to play with. Put different sweets and chocolates into the empty box, decorate it with colourful papers, and there you have it- your very own personal homemade Pinata!

 4. Plastic Bag Storage

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Image: crafthubs.com

Every time you buy something from the supermarket, you will end up with tons of plastic bag at home. Best way to solve this? Turn a tissue box into a plastic bag holder! This way, you don’t have to worry about plastic bags being tossed all over the place. It is easier to find plastic bags if you need any. And also, you can brag to your friends that you’re saving the earth, no?

5. Gift Bag

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Image: pinterest.com

If you forgot to pick up a bag for that birthday party gift, don’t worry. Cut the top off of a square tissue box. Decorate the outsides. Add your gift, throw in some tissue paper, and you’re done. If you want to get fancy, you can use a hole puncher on two parallel sides and slide ribbon through to create “handles.” Trust me, no one will know it’s from a tissue box.

6. Charging Station

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Image: urbanejane.com

If your wires are usually tangled up and you would love to have an area to put your phone while charging, this would be the solution for you. By using a tissue box as a charging station, you can not only let your phone rest but also make sure that the wires are properly organised. Totally killing two birds with one stone!

7. Spice Packet Storage 

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Image: pinterest.com

A tissue box can also be used as an organisation tool in the kitchen. Have too many spice packets to keep track of? Cut off the top of a tissue box, decorate the sides and you’ll have your very own spice packet holder. If you drink tea, they can be used to store tea packets, too!

8. Nail polish Box

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Image: pinterest.com

Have too many nail polishes that you don’t have a place to store? Make use of your old tissue box to create one! Cut off the top and decorate the sides. You’ll end up with your very own nail polish box collection.

9. Chalkboard 

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Image: pinterest.com

What’s better than a tissue box that is also used as a piece of decoration? Wrap up your tissue box with a black paper, and you will be able to decorate it with positive quotes and messages to brighten up your living room.

10. Receipt Box

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image: home storage solutions 101

Want to know an effective way to store all your receipts? Put them in a tissue box- they don’t get lost easily, and you can easily keep track of your expenditure.