6 Best AirBnB In Taipei That Cost Less Than $50 Per Night

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The one thing everyone frets about when travelling overseas would be accommodation. Sure, you might have booked a cheap air ticket out of the country, but the next thing you have to worry about might be the cost of hotels in the country – which can amount to quite a lot.

So in order to help you save a little, we have thus compiled a list of AirBnBs in Taipei that cost less than S$50 – perfect for those who are looking for a short getaway and do not want to break your bank!

1. Minimalistic Home

Such minimalistic homes are sometimes the best places to be living in as there will also be tons of space to keep your luggage! At just S$37 per night, there are also plenty of room for movement – equipped with basic necessities for you to live in!

Listing here.


2. Continental Bar

Here, you get to live your dreams of having a minibar right in your room! Plus, since it is located in the heart of town, you can shop till you drop at the night market and still not be worried about the transport home as the location is really convenient to be in!

Treat it as you are living in a hotel room – at only half the price!

Listing here.


3. Condominium apartment in neutrals

Sometimes, small apartments can also be extremely comfortable to live in, especially when they already have all the necessary items you need to stay comfortably in! At just S$41, this condominium apartment is located just 3 minutes away from the nearest MRT station!


Listing here.

4. Romantic loft located near the city

Clean, simple and romantic. Plus, it’s just S$32!

Romantic and convenient – what else can you ask for? 

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5. Apartment located above a shopping mall

Granted, this might not be the roomiest apartment you can find, but it is definitely one of the most convenient AirBnBs we have encountered. It’s located right above SOGO, a popular shopping mall in Taipei, and is also located right beside an MRT station – what else can you ask for?!


Listing here.

6. Shared apartment with an individual room

Well, if you are just looking for an apartment to stay in on a backpacking trip with your bros and do not mind sharing the laundry area with other guests, then this might be a good place for you to stay at!


Listing here.

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