10 Cheapest Places To Buy Your Sneakers In Singapore Except Queensway SC 10

Last Updated on 2023-07-13 , 5:49 pm

Where to Buy Shoes in Singapore: Your Ultimate Sneaker Shopping Guide

Looking for where to buy cheap shoes in Singapore, or more specifically, where to buy sneakers in Singapore? Are you a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic, eager to discover the best place to buy shoes in Singapore? You’ve stumbled upon the right article! From cheap sneakers Singapore to high-end pairs, we’ll take you on a fashionable ride through the most popular sneaker shops in Singapore. And who knows, you might even discover your next favorite pair along this journey.

Sneakers Singapore: More Than Just a Trend

It’s impossible not to notice the surge of sneakers as a major fashion statement in Singapore. Stylish pairs of sneakers aren’t just a trend, they’ve become a comfortable necessity. Women, in particular, find solace in these comfy shoes that give their feet a much-needed break from the strain of high heels. Let’s admit it: our sneaker obsession can get expensive, especially since owning just one pair never seems to be enough. Fear not, though. We’re about to divulge the best spots where you can find cheap shoes in Singapore without compromising on style or quality.

Where to Buy Cheap Shoes in Singapore: Your Sneaker Paradise

IMM: Your Sneaker Haven

IMM is the answer to your question of where to buy cheap shoes in Singapore. It’s an undoubted mecca for every sneaker lover, housing around 13 shops that stock renowned footwear brands like Adidas, Converse, and Nike. Whether you’re a minimalist or into eccentric styles, you’re bound to find your next sneaker crush in the vast selection IMM offers.

Velocity@Novena Square: A True Sneaker Expedition

Velocity@Novena Square is another sneaker paradise. Fitness and lifestyle businesses, like True Fitness and Decathlon, have set up shop here, offering a wide selection of sneakers at much lower prices. Step into this world of fun and funky shoes and enjoy your sneaker hunt!

Changi City Point: The Eastern Sneaker Sanctuary

Attention, eastern residents! You’re lucky to be living near this sneaker sanctuary. Home to many factory outlets of major sports brands like Nike and Adidas, Changi City Point is an ideal spot for sneaker shops in Singapore. The presence of Royal Sporting House adds an extra sprinkle of fashion-forward sports shopping experience.

West Coast Plaza: Manufacturing Retailers’ Home

Similar to IMM and Changi City Point, West Coast Plaza houses multiple manufacturing retailers, including Nike. If you’re nearby, seize the chance to explore the offerings at these retailers where you can discover fantastic deals and cute pairs.

City Plaza: The Treasure Trove

City Plaza is a gem for those hunting for cheap sneakers in Singapore. Notorious for hosting incredibly affordable blogshop items, this place is a magnet for bargain hunters. Dig deeper, and you might stumble upon charming sneakers that will make you fall in love at first sight!

Best Place to Buy Shoes in Singapore: From Sales to Online Stores

Great Singapore Sale: The Annual Shoe Fiesta

Planning ahead for the Great Singapore Sale can result in some massive savings. As the anticipated sale season arrives once a year, many stores offer generous discounts, allowing you to score amazing deals on some snazzy sneakers.

Online Stores: Singsale, Ezbuy, 6pm, and Zalora

If you’re wondering where to buy shoes in Singapore from the comfort of your home, numerous online stores have got you covered. Singsale, Ezbuy, and 6pm are renowned for offering high-end brands at significantly discounted prices. Even though 6pm mainly offers past season models, remember, it’s all about making the shoes work for your style.

Zalora, an ultimate shopping destination, is no stranger to any shopaholic. From endless styles to appealing discounts, Zalora is the epitome of variety and affordability. Plus, their hassle-free return policy ensures a smooth, risk-free shopping experience.

Now that you’re equipped with this guide, shopping for cheap shoes in Singapore should be a breeze! Get ready to expand your sneaker collection without breaking the bank. Happy shoe shopping, sneakerheads!