10 Deals with Your SAFRA Card You Probably Didn’t Know About


Last Updated on 2018-01-13 , 1:09 pm

For the guys who’ve gone through NS, the SAFRA card is probably something you’re quite familiar with.

But just how “familiar” are you with the SAFRA card?

I mean, I’m sure most of us just left the card in some dark corner of our room, gathering dust over time.

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Did you know that your SAFRA card is actually a mini treasure trove of deals and discounts?

As such, here are 10 deals you might not know about your SAFRA card.

1) Movie discounts

I had to mention this because some of my colleagues didn’t know about this! Anyway, owning a SAFRA card entitles you to cheaper movie tickets!

Image: safra.sg

In case the image is too small (I know it is), here’s a link to their website.

2) Expedia

Cut costs when booking your hotel with Expedia! For those of you who love travelling, now’s your chance to go for a more atas hotel!

Image: safra.sg

Anyway, here’s the link to the page!

3) Lazada

Oh no. Even I didn’t know about this before writing this article.


Looks like it’s time for my wallet to bleed again!

Image: safra.sg

Hey, it’s until 31 Dec, so I guess I can do my Christmas shopping with this offer!

4) Nat Geo

Oh boy, I love all magazines and books related to travelling and nature (I mean, there’s a reason why I travel so much).

Although you can argue that it’s easier to read the articles online, I still love flipping through physical magazines and books.

Image: safra.sg

Here’s the link for you to find out more!

5) Redmart

There goes another bit of whatever reasons I had to leave the comfort of my bed.

Well now, I’m going to buy so much grocery at once my storeroom will scream for mercy!

Image: safra.sg

6) ShopBack

Cashback for ShopBack?! Say no more, sign me up!

Now I have even more reasons to spend money! Year end sales, here I come!

Image: Safra.sg

7) Zalora

This might just be the perfect reason for you to doll yourself up this festive season! Perhaps a shirt for yourself and a dress for your wife?

Image: safra.sg

8) Trick Eye Museum

Hmm, I’ve never been to the Trick Eye Museum before! This might just be what I need to motivate me!

Pretty sure it’ll be fun with more people around, so do bring your friends and family along!

Image: safra.sg

9) Four Seasons Catering

Looking for catering services this festive season? Look no further as Four Seasons is offering 10% off their online buffet menus!

Image: safra.sg

10) Kohepets

Your pets deserved better and you know it. As a fellow pet owner, I’m always looking for ways to make my boys happy. This is a perfect chance for us to stock up on some pet supplies!

Image: safra.sg

And there you have it! 10 Deals with your Safra Card you probably didn’t know about!


Of course, there are a lot of other deals and offers by SAFRA too. If you’re interested, do check out their website here!


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