10 Deals with Your SAFRA Card You Probably Didn’t Know About

For the guys who’ve gone through NS, the SAFRA card is probably something you’re quite familiar with.

But just how “familiar” are you with the SAFRA card?

I mean, I’m sure most of us just left the card in some dark corner of our room, gathering dust over time.

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Did you know that your SAFRA card is actually a mini treasure trove of deals and discounts?

As such, here are 10 deals you might not know about your SAFRA card.

1) Movie discounts

I had to mention this because some of my colleagues didn’t know about this! Anyway, owning a SAFRA card entitles you to cheaper movie tickets!

Image: safra.sg

In case the image is too small (I know it is), here’s a link to their website.

2) Expedia

Cut costs when booking your hotel with Expedia! For those of you who love travelling, now’s your chance to go for a more atas hotel!

Image: safra.sg

Anyway, here’s the link to the page!

3) Lazada

Oh no. Even I didn’t know about this before writing this article.

Looks like it’s time for my wallet to bleed again!

Image: safra.sg

Hey, it’s until 31 Dec, so I guess I can do my Christmas shopping with this offer!

4) Nat Geo

Oh boy, I love all magazines and books related to travelling and nature (I mean, there’s a reason why I travel so much).

Although you can argue that it’s easier to read the articles online, I still love flipping through physical magazines and books.

Image: safra.sg

Here’s the link for you to find out more!

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5) Redmart

There goes another bit of whatever reasons I had to leave the comfort of my bed.

Well now, I’m going to buy so much grocery at once my storeroom will scream for mercy!

Image: safra.sg

6) ShopBack

Cashback for ShopBack?! Say no more, sign me up!

Now I have even more reasons to spend money! Year end sales, here I come!

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Image: Safra.sg

7) Zalora

This might just be the perfect reason for you to doll yourself up this festive season! Perhaps a shirt for yourself and a dress for your wife?

Image: safra.sg

8) Trick Eye Museum

Hmm, I’ve never been to the Trick Eye Museum before! This might just be what I need to motivate me!


Pretty sure it’ll be fun with more people around, so do bring your friends and family along!

Image: safra.sg

9) Four Seasons Catering

Looking for catering services this festive season? Look no further as Four Seasons is offering 10% off their online buffet menus!

Image: safra.sg

10) Kohepets

Your pets deserved better and you know it. As a fellow pet owner, I’m always looking for ways to make my boys happy. This is a perfect chance for us to stock up on some pet supplies!

Image: safra.sg

And there you have it! 10 Deals with your Safra Card you probably didn’t know about!

Of course, there are a lot of other deals and offers by SAFRA too. If you’re interested, do check out their website here!



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