10 Essential Travel Hacks Everyone with Wanderlust Must Know

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We all love travelling. Not only does it give us a chance to see new sights, it gives us the chance to take a break from the fast-paced life of Singapore.

From the friendly nature of the Taiwanese to the relaxing beaches of Bintan, we wished we had unlimited time and money to travel indefinitely.

If you feel the same way I do, here are 10 essential travel hacks you must know so that your hard-earned holiday won’t be spoiled.

1. Clear your browser’s cache before booking things online

Either that or only book your hotel room and prices on private browsing for the absolute cheapest prices possible. Travel websites track users and visit behaviour via cookies and this might affect the prices you see.

2. Download travel apps before you travel

In the past, when we travel, we make sure our phones are switched off/the data disabled because overseas internet charges are crazy expensive but today, with the affordability of prepaid data plans, we no longer have to do so.

To make the best of your vacation, cut down on walking around for some food or places to go because of changes in the plan by downloading apps that tells you where to go (Google Maps), where to eat and what to do.

P/S: This will let you know where you are if the taxi driver drops you off at someplace unfamiliar because you wouldn’t pay him what he asked for. Trust me, it happens.

3. Save pictures of your travel documents in your phone

The scariest thing to ever happen to you when you’re overseas is the loss of your identification documents. It’s one thing to lose your IC when you’re in Singapore but when you’re alone in a foreign land, it’s a completely different story.

Take a quick snap or scan of your documents and save them on your mobile phone so you’ll at least have an extra copy of what’s important if suay suay you got robbed or your bag stolen.

4. Tell the airport staff your bag has something fragile

We’ve all heard horror stories about how the airline staff handle your luggage, haven’t we? Make your luggage as fragile as possible: stick a sticker Fragile, handle with care on your bag and inform the staff.

This will cut down on the time spent on waiting for your luggage as the airline will make sure your luggage is handled (generally) gentler and placed at the top of the pile.

5. Wear the heaviest clothes and shoes

The idea is pretty simple. Whatever you carry onto the plane will not be charged. Any increase in weight to your luggage will be charged. Wear the heaviest stuff so that you can enjoy lower baggage fees.

But don’t go overboard and wear 5 layers of clothes because you might just faint and be the highlight of the internet for the next few days.


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6. Cover your Shaving Blade

This happens to the best of us, especially if we’re not in the habit of putting our toiletries into a toiletry bag. Sometimes, you’re searching through your bag by feel and before you know it, you’ve cut yourself on the shaving blade.

Image: yahoo.com
Image: yahoo.com

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If your shaving blade doesn’t come with a cover, use the office clip to solve the issue.

7. Charge Device using Room’s TV

We can’t do without our mobile phones today. Say, if you forgot to bring along the adaptor, what else can you do? Most hotel TV comes equipped with a USB port. Simply plug your mobile phone into the TV and it’ll charge! Yes, so simple!


8. Roll, not Fold your clothes

Not only does it help you reduce the space your clothes take up, it can also help prevent wrinkles! This will come really helpful when you’re packing for your trip home and realised that you bought too much to squeeze into the luggage. Or so you think.

9. Have a standby toiletry bag

Whenever you’re going on a trip, chances are, getting the toiletry bag together is going to be the most troublesome part of the packing. You have to make your way to shops like CK or Dollar Value to get travel bottles for your shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser.

Have a bag ready-to-go at all times and save yourself the headache of scrambling around for it just right before the trip.

10. Stick to a Colour Scheme, even Better, Darker Colours

When you’re overseas, that’s the best chance of getting some quality #OOTDs with amazing scenery but you can’t bring your entire wardrobe with you. Simply decide on a colour scheme and choose clothes with colours that fit your selected scheme. For less hassle, just stick with darker clothes because they can match with almost everything.

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Feature Image: Jimmy Tran / Shutterstock.com

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