10 Facts about Annabelle Creation, The Horror Movie That Has Got Terrifyingly Good Reviews


Ok, Annabelle Creation is probably the scariest movie you’ll ever see this year. Although just released three days ago (Aug 8), it is expected to earn at least US$25 million by the end of this week.

Here’s what you want to know about the movie. Brace yourself, as some of these facts can actually scare you.

Image: Tom Holland’s Terror Time

One of the Producers is Malaysian
Yep, James Wan is from Kuching, Sarawak, although his nationality is now Australian since he moved there as a college kid. He’s behind some of the scariest movies – Saw, Conjuring, Demonic and Insidious too!

Its Release Was Pushed To August Because…
There would’ve been competition between the horror flick and Alien: Covenant. We don’t think so la.. This one horror, that one thriller… but still, maybe it’s because it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival soon? After all, James Wan is from Malaysia #justsaying

81% Approval Rating on Rotten Tomatoes
Yup, the movie’s got some rock-solid reviews. Just so you know, the first Annabelle in 2014 has got only a 29% approval rating. It’s like three times the horror, no?

Image: ComingSoon.net

Based on a True Story
There’s supposedly a REAL-LIFE haunted “Raggedy Ann” doll in The Warrens’ Occult Museum out in Connecticut, though it doesn’t look that scary. Annabelle’s considered the creepiest doll in movie history by many movie-goers.

Image: pinterest.com

Somebody Apparently Opened Annabelle’s Box in the Museum…
The instructions were clear – do not open. You can see from the image above that it says “Danger! Do not touch anything!” A man opened the box and touched the doll, and even challenged her to “do her worst”. Rumour is that he died the next day in a motorbike accident. His girlfriend survived, but she spent a year in the hospital to heal from her injuries.


Nail-biting stuff, man.

The Storyline
The movie is a prequel to the other Annabelle movies, and tells about a dollmaker and his wife, whose only daughter died two decades ago. They decide to open a home for orphaned girls, which only causes the dollmaker’s creation to come to life.

You can already guess what happens next, but the way it’s pictured in the movie. Crazy scary leh.

The Dollmaker
The main character for the movie is played by Anthony LaPaglia, who’s won a Golden Globe and a Tony Award. Don’t play play ah.

Image: Mirror UK

The Entire Movie Series
Annabelle is a part of a horror movie series, which includes The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle. Another movie expected to come out next year is The Nun, a spin-off from the four movies which focuses on the nun in The Conjuring 2.

Potential Crossover Movie
Don Mancini of Child’s Play did mention in an interview that he’s interested in making a movie with both Chucky and Annabelle in it, but in 20 years. Why so long – I cannot wait for that many years, man.

The Crooked Man
Another movie that’s a possible spin-off from the Annabelle and Conjuring flicks, but is still in the preliminary discussion stage as at May this year. Peter Safran and James Wan are expected to once again produce the movie.

I really, really hope that James Wan directs it too. His scary movies are damn good, and he knows lah, leh and loh (don’t you think it’ll be cool to see nasi lemak in a Hollywood movie?).

Now, excuse me as I keep myself composed after writing this article.

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