10 Facts About Celebrity Couple Andie Chen & Kate Pang You Probably Didn’t Know Of


In sunny Singapore, an island with a well-known culture of keeping up with gossip and the latest news in the entertainment industry, celebrity couples are nothing unfamiliar to us.

Especially so are those in our local acting scene: more specifically, the prominent duo of Andie Chen and Kate Pang.

While some of us might know a little here and there about them, it turns out that there is actually an impressive collection of facts behind their relationship, and here are ten such examples to satisfy your curiosity.

They did not immediately click that well at first
Their first meeting was on Channel 8 drama set Joys of Life in 2012, but their personalities weren’t that complementary. Rather than hitting it off right from the start, they instead more often teased and made fun of each other

They only got closer after starring as lovers
As fate would have it, they were both cast in the same drama later on in 2012 as lovers. After getting another chance to talk more to each other, they gradually grew closer and realized that the other had an attractive personality, unlike their first impressions. Kind of like another popular celebrity couple, don’t you think so?

They initially denied being in a relationship
Gossip is unavoidable when you’re a celebrity and of course, there were rumours floating around that they were dating. However, they firmly denied being together and admitted that they didn’t initially plan to get married. Now, isn’t this kind of like yet another popular celebrity couple…from South Korea?

They are not actually each other’s ideal type
Ironically, although they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, they confessed that upon reflection, they’re not actually what their ideal type would be. Andie stated that he prefers homely women while Kate typically goes for flower boys, but at the end of the day, they get along well and are happy together.

Their marriage was only revealed to Kate’s family at the last minute
Due to Kate’s independent character and the distance between her here in Singapore and her family back in Taiwan, she did not really keep them updated on her personal life. As such, they were only informed of her marriage to Andie near to the date, and her grandmother only met him after the birth of their first child.

They have never shouted at each other
All relationships will have their ups and downs and everyone has a temper of their own. However, Kate mentions that they do not get into heated arguments or raise their voices at each other, but would rather have a serious conversation and resolve the issue calmly.

They sleep in different rooms
While this might seem like a shock, it’s actually for a really practical reason. With a young child and Andie’s acting schedules, they cannot afford to disrupt precious sleep time. However, just because they do not sleep in the same bed at night does not mean they are any less loving towards each other!

They do not have overwhelming expectations for their children
Surprisingly, despite the popular kiasu attitude amongst many parents in Singapore, Andie and Kate do not wish to force unnecessary stress and pressure on their children to get prestigious jobs in future. All they wish is for them to pass their examinations in school and end up where they want to be.

They attend parenting classes
In order to learn about the best way to bring up their children, the couple went the extra mile to sign up for parenting classes, a selfless and admirable act on their part!

They had a hard time together during childbirth
As expected, the process of labour is never painless and Andie revealed that not only did Kate bite his finger during the procedure, but she also “demanded that [he] get a vasectomy”.

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