10 Facts About Deadpool 2 Before Watching It


Who doesn’t love Deadpool?

Okay maybe not those who weren’t even allowed to watch the movie in the first place due to its local and also entirely justified M18 rating. (Although let’s be real here; there are so many other ways to watch it 😉)

The anti-hero personality that is the total opposite of the typical hero archetype that is reminiscent of superhero movies today is an absolute fresh breath of air for many, but what do you really know about Deadpool?

Here are 10 facts about Deadpool that you need to know before watching Deadpool 2.

Avengers Application

Did you know that Deadpool actually applied for the Avengers, but was unfortunately turned down by the man himself: Tony Stark.

Here’s the letter as proof:

What a shame.

Okay but for real, this letter came from Reynolds’ Twitter account, and in it he was just congratulating Avengers on their success, but hey it doesn’t really hurt to dream, right?

Why is Deadpool not in Infinity War?

Although Deadpool was technically introduced and created in the Marvel Universe, he did not appear in Marvel’s Infinity War, nor in any of Marvel’s other movies. You might be wondering if it is perhaps that Deadpool hates Marvel characters?

The truth is far simpler than that.

Thing is, 20th Century Fox currently owns the rights to Deadpool, while Disney owns the rights and distributes the Marvel movies. Since the first Deadpool movie was such a huge success, it’s possible that we could never see Deadpool appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Fox might never want to let their rights expire (or consider selling it to Disney).

It’s the same case for X-Men.

I personally still have my fingers crossed for a collaboration, but hey, don’t hold your breath okay?

Deadpool almost got shelved

Remember this video?

Fans of the first Deadpool movie may not know it, but development of the film was actually delayed for years.


Back then, the studio that was supposed to make it didn’t have the confidence to actually allow the continued production of the movie.

It was only after test footage of the first movie got leaked that netizens started going crazy over it, and the studio got the push and confidence it needed to allow the movie to head into production.

Imagine a cinematic world without Deadpool, huh?

The new X-Force Team

I have never seen Deadpool as a team player, and even less so as a team leader, but that’s probably exactly what happens in Deadpool 2 (as shown in the trailer).

Although details of the team itself aren’t officially released yet, we can pretty much infer from the trailer itself who’s involved.


Out of all the characters, I can safely say I spot Domino and Shatterstar, while the rest are pretty much guesswork.

Guess we’ll have to wait till the actual movie to figure it out.

Thanos is in the Movie

No don’t worry, you’re not in the wrong article. This is still the Deadpool article. I didn’t misspell ‘Cable’ either.

The actor who plays Cable in the new Deadpool 2 movie actually plays Thanos in Infinity War!

Image: ScreenRant.com

According to an interview on The Tonight Show, Josh Brolin said he almost turned down the role of Cable on Deadpool as he was “In the middle of the Avengers” and was “tired”. On the flipside, Brad Pitt was almost cast as Cable, though he pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.

So yeah, Cable is not going to bend reality or warp time for his own agenda this time, but it is pretty cool.


Death of Stunt Woman

It’s not all good news for the production of the movie, Deadpool 2.

A stuntwoman named Joi Harris died while performing a stunt on the set of the upcoming movie, and production stopped for a total of 48 hours after her death.

Though she was an experienced motorcyclist, this movie stunt job was apparently her first.

According to WorkSafeBC, she had been ‘rehearsing a stunt scene that involved driving a motorcycle’ when she ‘continued driving beyond the planned stopping spot’ and was subsequently ‘thrown off the motorcycle and propelled through a plate glass window of a building’.

The cast and crew reportedly held a moment of silence for Joi Harris.


The Untitled Deadpool Sequel

Here’s another piece of trivia you might not be familiar with: The working title for the film was actually ‘The Untitled Deadpool Sequel’!

That’s right, before it was officially called ‘Deadpool 2’, the people working behind the scenes name it ‘The Untitled Deadpool Sequel’.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s a lot better than calling it ‘Draft 2’ or something similar.

Internal Conflict

You may be wondering why Tim Miller, the director of the first Deadpool movie, was replaced by David Leitch (one of the directors of John Wick) to be Deadpool 2’s director.

Apparently, it was because Ryan Reynolds (the irreplaceable actor playing Deadpool) had ‘creative differences’ with Tim. According to Tim, he ‘didn’t want to make some stylized movie that was 3 times the budget’.

Regardless, seeing as the movie isn’t out yet, it’s hard to tell if David Leitch is a good suit for Deadpool.

Though this whole situation just makes me all the more curious to see what Ryan Reynolds can come up with when there are no people with differing opinions around.

Cable’s Origins (SPOILER ALERT MAYBE?)

So, you know how Deadpool now exists in the X-Men universe? And that Cable’s actual name is Nathan Summers?


Well, Cable is apparently the child of Scott Summers and the clone of Jean Gray – Madelyne Pryor. If you’re still unsure who Scott Summers is, he’s the guy who is better known as Cyclops in X-Men. You know, the guy who shoots lasers out of his eyes and basically has to permanently wear sunglasses.

And, get this, Cable is from the future!

I won’t entirely spoil you, but this just hints that Cable’s role in this universe wouldn’t stop at just Deadpool 2.

Release Date

How could we end this off without telling you when Deadpool 2 is releasing? Initially slated for release on the 1 June 2018, Deadpool 2’s release date has now been moved up to the 17 May 2018.

Oh hey, that’s today!

What on earth are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, buy some tickets and go catch the movie. I know I will.

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