10 Facts About Giant Singapore, The Supermarket That’s Actually from M’sia

Who doesn’t know Giant Singapore? It has an extensive history that dates back to the ‘40s and has its presence known all around Southeast Asia. In Singapore, it has over 60 stores located across the island, from your lovely neighbourhoods to your office areas.

Let’s go learn 10 facts about Giant supermarket, one of the region’s largest retail players!

1. Giant Supermaket Started as a Provision Store

The history of Giant supermarket goes all the way back to 1944, where entrepreneur Teng Sek How opened the first provision shop in Sentul Pasar, Malaysia.

By the 1960s, they opened another retail shop at Lorong Kurau, Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur and also founded Teng’s minimarket centre in 1974.

Finally, in 1982, the first Giant Supermarket was opened in Kelana Jaya. Two years after which, Giant TMC Berhad was incorporated and several other stores came to life in Malaysia.

And the rest is history.

2. First Giant Singapore Outlet is a Hypermarket in IMM Mall

Yes, I remember this.

Image: capitaland.com

Old enough (but still young at heart) to remember the launch of Singapore’s first Giant hypermarket at IMM mall.

Image: capitaland.com

Easties, FYI, IMM mall is located in Jurong East. And no, you don’t need a passport to come here (my friend once joked about needing a passport to enter the Jurong premises).

From 2001 to 2005, Giant saw a steady growth and expanded year-on-year opening four hypermarkets and one supermarket.

3. Giant Singapore Then Took Over the Management of Shop N Save outlets

Do you remember saying ‘sayonara’ to Shop N Save?

Image: coldstorage.com

Back in the days, Shop N Save was everywhere.

Giant acquired all 56 Shop N Save stores in 2010 and rebranded them to Giant in April 2013.

Only one Shop N Save store was the lone ranger and converted into a Cold Storage store instead.

Westies, do you know where? There’s a “West” in the mall’s name. Oh wait, did I just give it away? It’s West Mall!

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4. Giant Singapore Store Types

Peeps, don’t just call it the 小间 (small) and 大间 (big) Giants. They have names one leh.

We have the hypermarkets, supermarkets and express stores (I guess their online platform needs no further introduction).

At the time of writing, there are 8 hypermarkets, 26 supermarkets, and 28 express stores? So, what’s the difference?

Image: 365days2play.com

Giant hypermarkets are your 大间 (big) Giants.

They have the largest floor space compared to other retail stores and of course, with space comes an extensive range of household products, electronics, and apparels.

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It also has the largest assortment of fresh, grocery, and general merchandise items. This is the place for buying in bulk!

On the other hand, Giant supermarkets are slightly smaller (小间) in size but they do carry a wide variety of fresh and grocery products, along with the essential range of general merchandise and household items you need.


The ones at Tanjong Katong Complex and Khatib MRT Station are supermarkets.

Then we have your express stores. As the name suggests, it’s the place for grab-and-go items like the basic range of daily necessities and household essentials. NTU and Admiralty MRT Station has express Giant stores.

5. Giant Super Savers Club

There are several Facebook pages for Giant but linking it from their website, it seems like there’s only one that’s endorsed by them – Giant Super Savers Club.

Don’t go to the wrong place to give your constructive feedback ah.

Image: pinterest.co.uk

The page was launched in September 2016 and it’s the place to search for the best lobangs at Giant.


It’s created in a way such that the ‘voice’ behind the posts is a very friendly aunty sharing tips and deals with you. Take a look:

Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook Page

If you or your parents aren’t so Facebook-savvy, you can go to the Giant Online website here and enter your email to receive the latest promotions at Giant and enjoy their secret members-only deals.

Image: giant.sg

Or, stalk them on their website under the promotions tab here.

Don’t say bojio hor. I jio you, you must go lah!

6. Giant Online Has Easy-to-Cook Video Guides

This is definitely something new to me.


If you haven’t heard, they have a series of video tutorials to teach you how to whip-up saliva-inducing dishes as a collaboration with DineInn.

Here’s one useful guide for the scallop lovers:

View the written recipes here.

7. Not Only for Aunties: Giant Online has Recipes Perfect for Kids

Parents, parents-to-be or aspiring parents, you don’t want to miss out on these easy-peasy recipes developed by an established nutritionist and supported by the Health Promotion Board.


You can also involve the children in these kid-friendly activities. Mushroom cheese bites, anyone?

Goody way to fight diabetes with these recipes!

8. You Can Check Fruits & Vegetables That are Currently in Season in Giant Online

You don’t have to personally head down to the stores if you’re busy. Even though, it’s sometimes good to take a walk after work.

But anyway, you can view the latest in-season deals on their website! Every day is a good time to keep up with your daily fix of fruits and vegetables.

9. What’s Trending? What’s New & Exclusive? Giant Online is Here to Help

Giant Singapore is asking you to forget online marketplaces or Airfrov because they will make sure to get trending products at the best prices for you.

There’s also a list updated every week so you can be like the cool aunty or uncle next block who knows all the new products in town. Hop over to view the new & exclusive products here.

In other words, their friendly aunty very hip one hor.

10. Senior Citizen Promotions in Giant Singapore

Tell your papa, mama, ah gong and ah ma that Giant Singapore loves senior citizens.

For anyone aged 60 and above, every day is a special day at Giant Singapore. But extra magical on Tuesdays because they get to enjoy 3% off storewide on that day!

Remind them to bring their senior citizen card though. You can read the T&Cs and FAQs here.

For the rest of us who wished we were senior citizens so we can enjoy 3%, don’t be sad lah.

If you’re a Passion Cardholder, you can earn points on your transactions and redeem them for discounts, complimentary items, and even air tickets!

No Passion Card? What about UOB Delight credit card?

With that, you can enjoy up to 8% rebate, discounts for over 4,000 products and free home delivery with every $150 spend at Giant Hypermarkets.

What are you waiting for? Shop away!

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