10 Facts About This Year’s NDP Because #SG52

The most exciting month of the year is upon all Singaporeans. August is the month of our National Day celebration, a month full of exciting events and great discounts.

The best event is, of course, our National Day Parade (NDP)!

This year, we are back at the Marina Bay floating platform and there are plenty of great performance lined up. Besides the performance, there are also some new logistic manoeuvres that the organisers are trying for the very first time.

Here are 10 facts about this year’s NDP!

Expect a revolving stage and movable LED screen complete with an aerial system
This year’s NDP is the first ever NDP held at the Marina Bay floating platform to have an integrated aerial system in the stage design to elevate performers and props 20m above ground level. Coupled with a revolving stage and a moveable LED screen, the organisers are able to better utilise the performing space above the stage for an impressively captivating experience for audiences.

Expect more audience engagement moments
In most of the past NDPs, audience engagement is low and usually involved simple actions that did not require much from the audience. This year, expect the unexpected because the audiences will be able to join in the fun. There will be a simple clap choreography that audiences are encouraged to perform. Audiences will also be encouraged to toast to the nation towards the end of the performance.

Expect the largest unmanned drone performance
This year, you can enjoy a performance by 300 unmanned drones as they take to the sky to perform the largest unmanned drone performance for the first time in NDP. The drones represent the future, and the performance is set to inspire Singaporeans to imagine the immense opportunities that the future will bring.

Expect a special tribute to National Service
With National Service celebrating 50 years, this year NDP will have a special tribute to all national servicemen. Spectators at the floating platform will join in a unified salute to all our NSmen and their families for their dedication to our nation.

Expect a display of military vehicles
Our SAF will be showcasing the newest military vehicles that Singapore has acquired through the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) after a two-year hiatus. Audiences will have a chance to understand what the vehicles can do during an emergency or during times of danger.

Expect a re-enactment of a terrorist attack
Terrorist attacks are on the rise all over the world and it is important that we know what to do if Singapore experiences such an attack. The audience will see a realistic stimulation of a terrorist attack and what each person can do to help make everyone as safe as they can be. Brace yourself for some realistic gun shots, flying sparks and a blanket of smoke in the air.

Expect a come-back parachuting performance by the Red Lions
After missing the Red Lions for two years in 2015 and 2016, they are finally back with a tantalising air display. This year, they will be landing straight on the floating platform so expect the great excitement and cheer them on!

Expect a robot MC
Whoa! What a way to present what technology can do for us! At this year’s NDP, one of the MCs will be Edgar-2, a robot which was built by a group of researchers from NTU. He will join the rest of the presenters – Joakim Gomez, Julie Tan, Subramaniam Narainda and Nurul Aini at NDP 2017. Built with a great personality and plenty of wit, be ready to enjoy the banter on stage.

Expect a 360-degree video live streaming and participate in real time
For overseas Singaporeans and those who did not get the NDP tickets, you can still participate in the NDP through a 360-degree video live streaming on YouTube and witness the celebration as if you are there at the floating platform. Be part of the conversation by using hastags such as #OneNationTogether, #NDP2017, #NDP17, SG52 on social media platforms.

Expect new and improved vibrant show segments
For those who love the fighter jets and Apache helicopters, you will be delighted with the RSAF’s Aerial Salute to the nation. 5 F-15SG fighter aircrafts (2 of them flown by NSmen) will take to the sky to perform a bomb burst manoeuvre. T

he highly-anticipated Military Tattoo will also be the largest ever. With a strength of 170 performers, there is a combined band, silent precision drill squad and bagpipers from the Singapore Police Force performing some NDP hits!

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