10 Facts About Zheng Ge Ping, The Evergreen Bufflord Who Is 54 But Looks 30


Zheng Ge Ping’s many things: charismatic, good-looking and a generally successful actor in the local media industry.

But did you know that at one point in time, he was stuck with nothing but supporting roles? Or that he has a history in martial arts? OR that he has a book to his name?

Yeah, there’re many things you think you know about this hunkle (hunk + uncle), but don’t really know about.

Let’s get to uncovering (pun intended. No need to thank me, girls) what this man really has in store for us.

1. Fifty and Fabulous

Zheng Ge Ping turned 54 just this year, though you wouldn’t know it seeing how the dude’s body resembles one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s S-sized T-shirts.

It’s ripped. Af.

Just look at that body. Dafuq. 


2. Fifty and Fabulous: The TV Show

If you’ve been following local media content, you would have heard of popular channel 8 drama Fifty & Fabulous, a show that, true to its name, centres in on the trials and tribulations of three mid-fifty men, who’ve been friends since like forever.

Image: IMDA

Zheng Ge Ping, in particular, plays the role of Ke Long, a bodybuilder who’s proud of his aesthetic body. However, an injury awoke him to the reality that as much as he works out, he can never stay young forever. It was then that he realised…

The world ain’t sunshine and rainbows.

Honestly, Ke Long’s story, pessimistic as it sounds, just comes across as inspirational to the average folks. And it also makes you wonder what you’re doing with your life, when somewhere out there, someone older and with a foot in the coffin is working his hardest to enjoy a fulfilling life.

PLUS, the role fits the actor to a T, which is really why I included this point in the list.

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Image: 8days.sg

3. Popular with the ladies (and men)

Lest you’re unaware, Star Awards, Mediacorp’s version of the Oscars, awards popularity awards to the top 10 performers (gender specific) each year.


And it speaks volumes when Zheng Ge Ping here won not, not two, but 8 of them in the last nine years.

Image: Wiipedia

If only he won in 2015; that would have made it 9 in a row. Damn.

4. Ladies’ man

But let’s take a break from his acting accolades because we already know how terrific of an actor he is. Rather, let’s take a look at his dating history because it’s actually pretty darn juicy.

So as you might be aware of, Zheng has been attached to Hong Hui Fang since 1993, and they’re pretty much meant for one another.

Image: TODAYonline

But did you know that Hong wasn’t his first? Heck, she’s not even her second, seeing how she’s his sixth.

Image: GIF Finder

According to an interview with TODAYonline, Zheng expressed how the first was a puppy-love affair in school which didn’t quite work out. The second and third were a restaurant manager and dentist respectively. The fourth was a Japanese woman, whom supposedly waited a whole 8 years for him.

Damn, that’s sheer dedication right there.

Last but not least, the fifth love of his love was a woman whom could be best described as similar to Rui En, at least in character. And he waited two and a half years for her.

But it seems that in the end, six is his number, as his current spouse, Hong Hui Fang would attest to.

Image: Toggle

5. Incredibly, he still keeps in contact with his exes

I’m not kidding; according to the man himself, each and every one of the breakups has been amicable, and he’s still in touch with some of his exes. In fact, back in 2015, pseudo-Rui En fell ill and he actually told his wife this:


“She is still single. She was quite ill a while ago and I told Huifang I would take her to see a good Chinese doctor.”


But perhaps that’s to be expected, seeing how…

6. He believes that women were made to love

That’s right, the man was a born romantic. Just check out this quote from his interview with TODAYonline.

“Perhaps I take after my grandfather — we are men who dote on women. So, my daughter is quite lucky.”

Image: TODAYonline

He also has a tendency to “give in” to women.

“I give in to (the women in my family), especially Huifang. I always send flowers to her and to my daughter on Valentine’s Day because I just think that women and flowers go together. It’s a must.

“And a wife shouldn’t tell her husband, ‘Don’t waste money on flowers.’ If you say that, he’ll never send you flowers again. Once, someone told me she regretted telling her husband that. She said, ‘I said that only once and he never sent me flowers again.’”

Romeo? More like Zhengmeo.

P.s. no offence to our local Romeo.

Image: Imgflip

7. Gorgeous kids

And it seems that perfection runs in the family, seeing how Zheng’s two children, Tay Ying and Calvert, have grown up to be good-looking, smart individuals with really bright futures ahead of them.

Image: Her World

Tay Ying has publicly expressed her desire to follow in her famous parents’ footsteps, and Calvert, who’s currently serving his mandatory National Service period, has already starred in multiple TV dramas.

The Beckhams? More like the Tays.

Image: Channel News Asia

8. Multi-talented

You might know Zheng Ge Ping as an actor and fitness extraordinaire, but did you know that prior to entering the entertainment industry, he was actually plying his trade in the cooking industry?

Image: MemeGen

And that’s not all either; he could evidently really pack a punch, seeing how he had a career as a Taekwondo instructor as well.

Look, Zheng Ge Ping. As unbelievable as it sounds…

I reckon I’m seeing you in an all-new light right now.

9. Also…

He’s an author.

Image: Gfycat

Eager to share his experience, he released a book in English called ‘Star Fitness’ sometime in 2014.

Incidentally, the book aims to get you fit and get that great-looking body you have always wanted.

So if you want Hunkle Zheng’s body for yourself, you know where to look.

PLUS, Zheng recently became the first Mediacorp-contract artiste to cross over to the production side, having taken on the role of Executive Producer in upcoming Toggle drama Close Your Eyes.

Image: 8 Days


10. The hardest worker in the room

Zheng Ge Ping might be enjoying exceptional success nowadays, but that hasn’t always been the case. Having become a full-time actor in 1987 after completing SBC’s 7th Professional Drama Performers’ Training Course, his road to stardom wasn’t an easy one, seeing how he was constantly slapped with supporting roles.

But he never gave up and persisted in working hard. And at long last, he broke through the deadlock with his admirable role in Like Father, Like Daughter, and swept the Best Actor award at the Star Awards 2007.

And the rest, as they said, was history. 

Zheng Ge Ping is great in the local industry, no doubt. But behind that facade, there’s actually a lot of hard work and determination that you don’t normally see on TV, and really, while I might respect Zheng for his work…

I admire him more for his drive, and his constant will to be the hardest worker in the room.

So kudos, Zheng Ge Ping. And as your newest TV show so explicitly states…

You’re truly fifty and fabulous.

Image: 8 Days

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