10 Facts About the Ezbuy ‘Delays’ That Actually Happened Way Before 11.11


It’s all about online shopping these days. I mean, almost everything is cheaper when you shop online. Not to mention it’s way more convenient too (Lazy mode: activated).

However, what happens when your trusty internet shopping services fail you?

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Recently, there have been a series of hoo-ha over the delays on Ezbuy. Here are 10 facts you might want to know about the delays.

1. Speculations over delay due to Singles’ day

Many have speculated that the high traffic volume on Singles’ day was the reason why the parcels were delayed. Contrary to popular belief, the delay did not happen on Singles’ day itself.

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2. It happened a couple of days before Singles’ day

Ezbuy said in a memo that it would stop taking new orders under the China Buy-for-me service for the next few days due to “unusual circumstances”.

3. Suspension woes

Ezbuy also added that many of their purchasing partners’ accounts, which are used to place orders on Ezbuy’s website, have been suspended without any valid reasons.

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4. A Sabotage/Hack?

Many netizens have speculated that the aforementioned suspension might be a sabotage by a certain rival company.

However, due to the lack of evidence, I don’t think it would be fair for us to assume anything at the moment.

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5. Unhappiness amongst users

For a company which relies on the sales and delivery of products, the suspension incident had caused inconvenience for many users, resulting in unhappiness amongst many.

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Facebook user June Loo has also commented that she had spent a lot of time and effort attempting to contact Ezbuy regarding her parcel.

She is fretting over the fact that she might not receive her parcel before Christmas.

6. The promotions aren’t helping either

Despite the problems many customers are currently facing, Ezbuy was still promoting its sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This has also resulted in unhappiness amongst the affected netizens.

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7. Many users have been affected way before Singles’ day

Many have voiced anger and dissatisfaction online, sharing about their issues with Ezbuy. Some customers are still waiting for their goods – since October!

8. All is fair in Love and War

Technically, business is war, right?

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Many other companies were quick to leverage on Ezbuy’s plight (Damn, that’s not very nice).

For example, vPost sent an email with  “Can’t Buy For Me? Get 40% off when you vPost instead” as their headline.


9. Apology from Ezbuy

Ezbuy apologized to their users on the 13th of November, saying that they are unable to update the shipping status on some of the items.

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Furthermore, some of the items which have already been paid for by its customers could not be purchased on their behalf.

10. Solution for a happy ending?

Ezbuy has promised to re-activate their buy-for-me service only after they have sort out the problems. Ezbuy will offer full refunds for their customers if the customers are not satisfied with the outcome.

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Well, that’s about it for the Ezbuy delay incident. Personally, I haven’t been affected that much as I don’t use Ezbuy very often.

However, I do understand the feeling of not being able to receive your parcel on time (Especially if it was meant to be a birthday gift).


Let’s hope that Ezbuy will solve all these problems and provide a satisfactory solution (Man, I still feel bad about the other companies poking fun at Ezbuy).

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