There’s Now A Direct Bus from S’pore to the New JB Shopping Mall, Aeon Bandar Dato Onn

The key reason why City Square in JB is the to-go for many Singaporeans is its accessibility: you just need to take a bus from Kranji MRT Station and within half an hour (if there’s no jam at the Causeway lah), you’ll be happily enjoying food that cost much lower than the restaurants in Singapore.

There’s no need for a car, or having to take a taxi or Grab / Uber there.

Now, in comes bus operator Take Me to Malaysia, a travel agency that seems to understand our pains.

The relatively new travel agency, established only on 2015, has just started a shuttle bus service that goes direct to the new JB shopping mall, AEON Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn, during the weekends.

Interestingly, they’ve placed the departure location at Tampines MRT Station and Punggol MRT Station, instead of the common ones like Kranji MRT Station or Jurong East MRT Station.

Pretty sure it’s not because people in Tampines has been crowned the most kiasu in Singapore.

Prices aren’t exactly that affordable, though: a trip would set you back by $8, and that is a promotional price: the usual price is $12.

Still, the convenience is welcome, except for the fact that there are only two trips a day: you must set off for the mall at either 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 p.m., and leave the place at either 7:30 p.m. or 9:00 p.m.

The limited hours might turn some off, but given that they seem to be off-peak hours, you’ll at least have a smooth ride home.

Before you go apeshit and plan a trip there tomorrow, remember this: it starts from 11 November 2017, and the rides are only available during the weekends.

About Aeon Bandar Dato Onn

There have been a few upcoming malls in JB, namely the Paradigm Mall that is set to open this month (November 2017) and Capital 21, a giant mall set to open next year (2018).

So don’t get confused over the new malls and got shocked when you alight, thinking that you’re going to Paradigm Mall when you’re actually at Aeon Bandar Dato Onn.

Aeon Bandar Dato Onn is a bear-themed mall, which is perfect for you Instagram addicts. It’s however unknown whether this theme will be permanent or they’ll change it soon, so get there ASAP!

Image: AEON MALL Bandar Dato’ Onn Facebook

Now, apart from its Instagram-worthy setting, it has, as the name suggests, the popular Aeon department store for all you people who are looking to stock up your everything: from your Maggie Mees to your wardrobe.

And oh, there’s even free Wi-Fi in the mall.

Now that Christmas is coming, here’s one suggestion: why not take a trip up north and get all your Christmas gifts from this mall?

For more information about Aeon Bandar Dato Onn, check out their Facebook Page here.

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