10 Facts About the Husband Stabbing Incident You’ve Got to Know

The Geylang stabbing incident has been making the rounds on the internet and it is nothing short of bloody, to say the least.

The incident is probably one of the most bizarre things that happened in 2017.

With that said, let’s get to the topic at hand.

The video

Before Stomp got wind of the incident, the video was uploaded by a Netizen on Facebook which has since been deleted.

29-year-old man arrested for allegedly stabbing his wife, 26, at Lor 16 Geylang

29-year-old man arrested for allegedly stabbing his wife, 26, at Lor 16 Geylang. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2CswPhL

Posted by Stomp on Sunday, 31 December 2017

What happened

According to Straits Times, the incident happened at 11:47 A.M. on 30 Dec along Lorong 16 Geylang.

From the video, you can see an Indian woman on the ground as she was berated by an Indian man, with what appeared to be like blood seeping through her shirt.

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

Stomp understood that she was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen.

He snatched the bag before making a run for it.

A few bystanders started chasing him and a woman came to aid the victim.

The police arrested him

At about 11:49 A.M., the police were alerted to the incident and they subsequently arrested the suspect along Guillemard Road at 12:16 P.M.


Who is the woman

The victim goes by the name of Ms Mayuri Krishnakumar, 26, and is believed to be a mother of one.

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The Straits Times understood that the woman is the suspect’s wife.

What caused the dispute

It is unclear as to why the dispute even began but Stomp mentioned that she was walking along the road with another man and had just parted ways with him when the bloody incident unfolded.

Suspect charged

On 1 Jan, he was charged in court for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous means.

According to court documents, he used a knife with a 10cm-long blade to stab his wife in her abdomen and twice on her lower back.

Who is the suspect

His name is Jayselan N. Chandrasegar and he will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for two weeks for a psychiatric evaluation.

After his charge, he said, “Mayuri is my wife. For the mistake that she did, I admit that what I did to her was wrong.”

“I only stabbed her twice, not more than that. I did not think that I’ll do such a thing to my wife. I have a child at home, I couldn’t take it that she did this to me and my child,” he added.

He requested a phone call

The former IMH patient requested a phone call but was denied.

He also requested to be kept in a solitary environment at IMH, claiming that he was not able to stay with any person as it will affect his condition.

The judge said his request will be conveyed to the institute.

The wife’s situation

She was warded at Tan Tock Sheng Hospital after the incident and was said to be in a stable condition.

The current situation

The case will be mentioned again after his time at IMH.

If found guilty and convicted under the said charge, he could be sent to prison for life, or jailed for up to 15 years, and may be fined or caned.

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