11 Facts About the Maserati Incident that Nearly Took a TP’s Life


I must say, my editor really loves bah kut teh. Or just the smell of something boiling. I mean, why else will he send me an article that makes my blood boil like bah kut teh, like the time I wrote this?

So this time, it’s about a Maserati driver who hit a traffic police when the latter attempted to stop the Maserati driver along Bedok Reservoir Road.

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Ahem, so, before I fly into a hate fueled rage, here are 10 facts you might want to know about the incident.

1. It was an enforcement check, Not a Road Block

For a TP to stop you on the road, there must be a valid reason. You think our TP nothing better to do meh?

Image: knowyourmeme.com on the wrong side of

When the TP approached the White Maserati, the driver (Lee Cheng Yan, 34) chose to accelerate towards him instead. Why he thought this was a good idea, I guess sane people like us will never know.

2. Wrong side of the road

What’s with people trying to go fast these days?(Stupid Sonic wannabes)

The white Maserati was apparently speeding and travelling on the wrong side of the road, as seen from this video which was uploaded to Facebook.


MOTORCYCLIST CHASING LAW-BREAKING MASERATI Story: https://www.singaporeuncensored.com/motorcyclist-chasing-law-breaking-maserati-video/

Posted by Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored coverage on Friday, 17 November 2017

Judging from the way he drives, one could either assume he is under the influence of drugs or simply, a run of the mill jerk.

3. Arrested and charged

You will be pleased to know that the menace has been arrested early Saturday (18 Nov) morning. The Maserati was found abandoned at Cedar Avenue and the police was able to identify the driver from the license plate, leading to his arrest in an HDB flat along Geylang Bahru road.

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I know what you’re thinking. Wait a minute, he drives a Maserati but is living in an HDB flat? Maybe he’s one of those secretly rich people? Or? Don’t know leh.

Oh, wait. It’s his friend’s house.

4. Not his first time

According to news reports, this was not Lee Cheng Yan’s first violation. He had been fined $13,500 back in July for altering his Maserati’s exhaust system, and was also involved an accident along orchard road, causing a motorcyclist to suffer from fractures and abrasions.

What. A. Scumbag.

5. Traffic Police was dragged for 100 metres. 100 metres!

The TP, Khairulanwar Abd Kahar (26), was dragged for close to 100 metres while he was holding on to the door of the Maserati. Gotta salute the officer for his dedication to his job. Said officer suffered multiple injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Let’s hope he will be fine, we need more people like him!

Image: memegenerator.net

So for those who always cursed when they see a TP, here’s a reminder: these unsung heroes are risking their lives every day to make sure that the roads are safe.

6. Hero attempted to follow the Maserati

A motorcyclist going by the Facebook name Yan Han, uploaded a video of him chasing after the Maserati. In the video, the license plate of the Maserati could be clearly seen.

The driver was refusing to co-operate with the TP, hit and run. As an ex civil defence officer, upon seeing the situation, my natural reaction is to provide assistant. At the point of time, I was pillioned by my colleague on a 2B bike, I told the rider to follow up and I contacted police immediately and told them I’m following the car. They asked me to stay safe and stay on the phone to update them the driver’s current location. The video only showed 5% of the story but it was a 15 minutes follow up.From Bedok to Eunos, Still Road to Joo Chiat to Crane Road, (Haig Road to Geylang Road)(on video), Lor 23, Sims, Aljunied to Upper Aljunied, Upper Serangoon and lastly Wan Tho.Lost sight of the car at Wan Tho Ave cross junction, but fortunately saw a TP rider whom caught up with us and we waved to him the direction of where the car is heading to. Police found his car at Cedar Ave next to Wan Tho Ave, but driver was gone.Suspect caught at Geylang Bahru HDB 5hrs later, about 1km away from where he left his car. I do not recommend anyone without experience to attempt this follow up.The consequences are real and hard, and your license might be revoked. But to any off-duty police officer or Civil Defence officer, or you are well-trained to handle crisis, DO NOT hesitate.

Posted by Yan Han on Friday, 17 November 2017

In an interview, Yan Han revealed that he was part of the SCDF and hence decided to render immediate assistance. I guess true heroes really have no need for capes, because just think about it: all it takes is the driver to do a jam brake and Yan Han would be injured just like the TP.

7. His father has been paying his fines

image: quickmeme.com

Yeah, take a second to process that. A 34-year-old adult is making his father pay his fines. Perhaps it was due to the father’s leniency that the son turned out this way?


8. His father is a part-time taxi driver

Whoa, whoa. Hang on a minute there. A part time-taxi driver? And the son is making his father pay his fines? How long did it take for the father to save that much money, only to be squandered by this sorry excuse for a son?

Image: funnyjunk.com

Bear with me. I know I’ve been using this meme a lot. Actually says a lot about society now, eh?

9. The father is apologizing on behalf of his son

I need Panadol. Or something stronger for my head. In the same Zaobao article, the father sounded like a decent man, expressing his remorse and apologizing on behalf of his son. The son better apologize for his actions too and not just let his father do this for him (Not that it’s gonna change anything).

10. Awaiting judgement at the moment

Lee Cheng Yan was charged with the offence of causing grievous hurt with a rash act.

If convicted of the crime, Lee Cheng Yan may face up to four years of jail, a fine of up to $10,000, or both. At this moment, I’m just hoping this fella gets his just desserts. The punishment seem a little too lenient in my opinion.

image: memegenerator.net

11. The car was detained in July 2017 for three months

Remember the previous convictions he had? Well, for these offences, his Maserati (I’m presuming it’s the same one, since no one would have owned two Maseratis, right?) was detained for a maximum period of three months. 


He was also fined $13,500 and banned from driving for nine months.

Yeah, this guy was already in the news three months ago with the same car.

Guess what? If the car has been released on October 2017, it would mean that it didn’t take more than a month for Lee Cheng Yan to get into trouble again.

Well, in conclusion, I really hope we will never see this guy on the roads ever again. He is a danger to both himself and the public. And like what my grandma always say,

“Want to die go die alone lah, don’t drag others down with you.”


That’s all. (I need a cold cup of tea now)

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