10 Facts About iPhone 8 & iPhone X You Need To Know

Apple just unveiled not one, but three sparkling new versions of our favourite iPhone, and it’s causing us Apple fanboys to cry in joy.

If you weren’t aware (or don’t really care at all), the writer here is an Apple fanatic and has been using only iPhones since the dawn of smartphones.

So you can totally trust me to give you all the facts about the three new phones, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, because I’m as equally interested about it as you guys!

Well let’s not waste any more time and head into the content; or as they call it, ‘the meat in the burger’.

Mmm, tasty.

1. Using a cable to charge your iPhone? That’s so 2016

While the Samsung Galaxy line has had a wireless charging feature all along, Apple fanboys never had the privilege.

However, with the launch of the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, you can finally throw your dirty and tattered iPhone cables away.

Image: theverge.com

Simply place your phone on a charging pad, and it will charge like a bull at a red flag.

And if you’re one of those Samsung users that jumped ship to Apple, rejoice; the Qi chargers you’ve bought for your Galaxy would come in useful here, as Apple iPhones are using Qi wireless charging as well.

Yay to wireless charging!

2. Screen, camera, design!

The notion of ‘What’s the point of a new phone if the screen isn’t larger’ seemed to be Apple’s motto in recent years, with every year’s version getting a lengthier frame.

But let’s face it; a larger screen would entail us to an even more pleasant movie watching experience on our phones, so I, for one, ain’t complaining.

So what’s up with the new phones? Do they serve to surprise us in this aspect?

Well, the answer’s… kinda?

The iPhone 8, for one, has got a 4.7-inch screen, and the iPhone 8 Plus’s at 5.5-inches. The most power-packed (and most expensive) of them all, the iPhone X, will stand at a deservedly 5.8 inch.

Camera wise, it’s been given a handy upgrade.

The iPhone 8 will have a single rear camera, while the 8 Plus and iPhone X will feature a rear dual-camera system. The iPhone X’s rear dual-camera system places two cameras in a vertical orientation, differing from the previous horizontal proportions. It will also use a quad-LED flash system for more uniform lighting.

The iPhone X’s rear dual-camera system places two cameras in a vertical orientation, differing from the previous horizontal proportions. It will also use a quad-LED flash system for more uniform lighting.

The cameras will all be able to shoot at 12-megapixel stills, and as a result, allow a more dynamic range of colours due to the bigger pixels. This is great since we all need more colours in our life.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will have a similar design to previous iPhones, with the exception that it’s going to have a glass back (Think iPhone 4). The iPhone X, on the other hand, will have a stainless steel chassis with a curved glass back. This means that it has an almost all-glass exterior!

The iPhone X, on the other hand, will have a stainless steel chassis with a curved glass back. This means that it has an almost all-glass exterior!

If you’re worried that the phone will shatter upon a single careless drop, don’t fret. They’ve got you covered with real durable glass.

Just don’t go and test the durability by throwing it like a baseball all the way from the 60th floor.

As durable as it is, it ain’t no Nokia phone.

3. Portrait Lighting

For the iPhone 8 Plus and X, there will be a beta feature called ‘Portrait Lighting’.

And this one’s definitely for those selfie-but-not-really-selfie-maniacs out there (not pointing fingers).

How does it work? Just pose for a photo, turn on Portrait mode, and the camera will create a depth map to subject out of the background.

It will then follow up with a detection of “facial landmarks” like your nose, forehead and cheekbones, and then tunes up the lighting on all of them.

Unsure if it’ll show up great? You can preview a specific lighting effect in real time! Even after you’ve taken a photo, you can still change the lighting!

Finally, we can get rid of those unsightly blemishes or black marks, all with the use of perfect lighting!

Image: macworld.com

4. 4K video

The iPhone 8 is able to record 4K videos with smooth 60 fps and 1080p slow-mo footage with 240fps. Even a technological idiot like me can tell that it’s some amazing stuff right there!

That’s definitely a plus for you scenery and video-production lovers!

5. Augmented Reality

Step aside, Pokemon GO. You will no longer be the only one in the Augmented Reality market.

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X will all feature Augmented Reality, and excuse me while I go channel my inner fanboy in a corner of the room.

Alright back to the topic; dubbed the ARKit, it will allow you to project high-fidelity visuals in the real world, and it will all be viewable through the iPhone’s camera lens.

As seen from the video, you can play games with the technology, and allow me to gush over how fluid and awesome the graphics look!

And the baseball game’s sick too.

Image: Marcio Jose Sanchez

Raise your phone and you will be able to view the player information and stats on top of the game? Maybe our dream to see Duelmasters or Yu-Gi-Oh come alive isn’t so far after all! (I know Yu-Gi-Oh has had AR incorporation in Japan, but this is like for everyone!)

Oh, and did I mention that you can use the ARKit to delve into virtual worlds?

And fun stuff like this

Granted, the last one looked kind of lame, but whoever said that you can’t make lame stuff cool can go take a dump. Just look at Spiderman!

I guess we will all be wannabe visual effects producers once the phone slips into our hands, huh?

6. Home button? What’s that?

With the launch of the iPhone X, the home button has been totally scrapped.

And then you wonder, “How the hell am I supposed to get back to the home page?”

Well, it’s easy, really. Just swish and flick. Like, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and you’re back at the home page. Easy peasy.

If you’re lazy to swipe, just clear your throat and call for Siri. The Apple angel that regularly mishears ‘Pear’ as ‘Pattaya Jumanji’ will help you out, and direct you back home.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will unfortunately still be stuck with the home button. A penny of consideration for when you’re choosing your phone?

7. Facial recognition

The iPhone X is scheduled to have an all-exclusive 3D camera that will revolutionize technological recognition procedures. Called the Face ID, its function and convenience will render your old-school touch IDs and pass codes totally useless. 

In fact, Apple’s so confident about it that they declared that it will only fail to work once out of a million times.

Or is it really?

First thing first, how does the camera work?

The TrueDepth camera, that consists of an infrared camera, flood illuminator, front camera, dot projector, ambient light sensor and microphone, will be the system that unlocks for you with just your face.

The premise sounds simple: it will scan your face and recognize you. Incredible, isn’t it? Apple claims that out of all the millions and billions of people in the world, its camera is proficient enough to single you out.

A frequent user of the phone in the dark? Don’t worry, it can still scan your face, even in the pitch blackness.

Worried that the growth of facial hair or change of hair styles would affect the recognition procedure? Don’t fret; it will still be able to see you for who you are.

As incredible as it sounds, that’s what Apple claims that their revolutionary product could do.

HOWEVER, a demo at the launch of the iPhone X spoke otherwise.

When Apple’s Paul Schiller tried to unlock the device while explaining how Face ID works, it failed to unlock. Stumped, he called to the audience, “Let’s try that again, shall we?”

A prompt appeared, asking him to key in his passcode.

Erm… what’s the point of your ‘works once in a million times’ Face ID then?

Schiller eventually managed to get into the device, but the damage’s been done.

Twitter’s all the rage about it, with jokes and all.

Fix it first before pushing it out, Apple. Or I can just smell what the Rock is cooking.

Rotten apples.

8. Animoji

In line with the 3D facial recognition feature, the iPhone X will also possess an interesting bit called ‘Animoji’.

Ever seen and marvelled at how those Pixar and Disney characters seem to talk and act like human characters?

Well now you can do it yourself, and even send it in text messages to your friends!


I can already see this being a hit with the girls. Just look at all the cute emojis on offer!

9. Colours

Like every rainbow fanatic, we want our phones to come in sparkly, radiant colours.

So what do they offer for the new iPhones?

For iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, they’ve got space grey, silver and gold lined up.

For the iPhone X, they got just two so far: black and silver.

Who knows; they might release even more colours in the near future, so stay tuned!

10. Release date and prices

The iPhone X will be available on November 3 in Singapore, with prices starting from $1,648 (64 GB, without contract) to $1,888 (256 GB, without contract). You can start pre-ordering from Oct 27.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available much earlier, on September 22, with prices commencing from $1,148 (64 GB, without contract) for iPhone 8 and from $1,308 (64 GB, without contract) for iPhone 8 Plus. Pre-orders start from September 15.

The question now is, should I get an iPhone 8 now, or wait for the iPhone X? It’s just a difference of $500 and nearly two months.

Hmm… first world problems…

You know what? I’ll just cut the dilemma and get both.

Mum, could I have some pocket money, please?

If you want to check out specific videos on the products, here you go.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone X (incidentally it’s pronounced 10. X is the roman numerical number for 10)

Wait, does that mean there’s no more iPhone 9?

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