10 Memories of Counterstrike, The Great Grandfather of PUBG & Fortnite

Image: knowyourmeme.com

Okay, the last I know, not many Singaporeans are playing Counterstrike now.

After all, fighting in teams is no longer the trend: surviving in an open world, like PUBG or Fornite, is the “in” thing to do.

But more than ten years ago, Counterstrike was da bomb. Everyone, even the girls, were addicted to it: there were even “clans” being set up in lan shops, and real physical fights that arose (yeah, people played it offline instead of online).

While they’re all part of our memories now, you can’t un-forget them, because they’re the best of the best.

When you had connection problem
When fibre connection didn’t have its name then, we all had to make do with playing it in lan shops, with one of the computers being the server, and all of them connected via cables (i.e. real, physical cables). And because it’s hardware, your computer might just have difficulty connecting, and you’ll have wasted 15 minutes trying to connect only to later change to another computer.

15 minutes then was $1.00 leh.

When you kana head-shot
The holy creators of Counterstrike have decided to include headshots and announce it every player just to shame us. Conversely, it wasn’t too bad when you headshot someone, though.

When everyone bunny hopped except you
Whether it’s a bug or just some ingenious trick created by a Counterstrike addict expert, knowing how to bunny hop meant you wouldn’t get shot. I tried it during NS but still get shot, though. It doesn’t work in real life.

When you get killed even before you’ve bought your weapons
In certain maps, the area is so damn small that you’ll face your enemy within seconds. And if you take seconds to buy your weapons, you’ll be dead once you’re equipped.

When you kana Arctic shot from nowhere
These snipers seemed to come from nowhere, and the sound struck fear. It just sucked when you were running around, minding your own business and suddenly, you heard a loud “bang” and you were out of the game.
Where’s the sniper drill!?

When everyone else was camping
Some jokers just liked to camp so much that it became Running Man instead of Counterstrike.

When you kana knife fight that was scarier than Resident Evil’s jumpscare
You know, you were moving and all of a sudden, you saw a knife right in front of you, stabbing you? Yeah, you cannot un-forget that. Never.

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When you’ve no money
This is a grim reflection of our life. When all you could buy was a pistol, and walked around like a cop fighting a war.

When your friends kicked you out
It was a dog-eat-dog world: if you weren’t good, you’re out. And you’d spend the rest of the day playing Maple Story instead.

When you have only $3 with you
And each hour was $4. #FML was so real then.

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