10 moments when a boyfriend needs his girlfriend the most

Just like how a girlfriend need her boyfriend at times, a boyfriend would also need his girlfriend at certain moments too.

It works both ways and it’s all about being there for your partner. And to all the boyfriends out there who wants to give their girlfriends a little hint, share this article with them! Below are some moments where guys do need his girlfriends the most.

When he is upset
When a boyfriend is upset over certain issues, the first person that he will want to seek comfort from would be his girlfriend. Plus, the girlfriend is probably the only one who has the ability to calm him down.

When he is going through a hard time
Everyone goes through tough times, and the first person most people would turn to are their loved ones. Guys are no different. It’s natural that the first instinct would be to turn to their girlfriends for advice and encouragement. You may think your presence doesn’t do much help, but your words and comfort can be the most important factor that helps him to tide through those tough times.

When he needs someone to confide into
Sometimes, it’s difficult to share your problems with friends. This goes doubly true for guys as they are not as open with their feelings as girls are. This is when he would need someone that will understand him. Even if you may not understand what he is going through, providing a listening ear is often more than enough.

When he received great news
Just as how he would turn to his girlfriend during his hard times, he would also want to share his good times with her. Someone who would genuinely share in his happiness with him and be proud of him.

When he wants to go on adventures or holidays
I mean, what’s better than going on a vacation with your other half? There’s nothing more romantic than travelling with your partner, creating unforgettable memories and snapping photos that’ll last you a lifetime.

When he is lonely
Yes, that’s right. Guys get lonely too. Sometimes, all they need is someone to talk to, be it in person or through text. If he’s in that mood, take some time to talk to him and let him know he will never be alone.

When he completed a milestone
For example, when he wins a huge game or a championship. These are moments where every effort he put in finally paid off. Of course, he would want someone who will be genuinely happy for him and listen to him brag to his heart’s content.

When he experienced failure
No one likes failing and to fail can really hit a man where it hurts the most. These times, he will want to turn to his girlfriend because she’s the only one that he knows will be on his side for eternity (or at least until he does something incredibly stupid like breaking up with her).

Of course, whether guys will turn to their girlfriends or not is another matter, because most guys would want to bottle it up inside because they wouldn’t want to worry their girl unnecessarily. That or it’s their pride talking.

When he is under pressure
Most of us don’t work well under pressure. He may be stressed out with his studies, army or work. Either way, try to understand his situation and encourage him to push on. It’ll also help if you do little things that’ll put a smile on his face.

When he leaves the country
This is to all our dear long-distance-relationship couples. Being in a different country, away from your loved ones is never easy and this is when he may get more sensitive to the things that you do. He will also need constant reassurances from you. Let him know that you’re always thinking of him but if things really get too much on your side, talk to him and always be honest with your feelings.

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