11 Most Popular Gatecrash Games To Torture The Brothers To Hell


Last Updated on 2022-09-10 , 1:44 pm

We wonder who is the cursed soul who invented gatecrashing to make the groom’s life so difficult, but since everyone is doing it, we’ll just go with the flow.

Thinking of gatecrashing games, of course, is the bridesmaids’ duty but it can be really difficult trying to think something devious up.

We don’t want it to be too easy, but neither do we want the lady’s sweetheart to end up in the hospital, right?

Here are some gatecrash games that are definitely safe, but can still nevertheless make the groom’s life hell. Just for your reference.

The puzzle

Take photos of the bride and several other people and cut them up and mix them. Mix the eyes, the nose, or even a picture of their palms. The groom will have to identify the pieces that belong to the bride’s photo.

This will test how observant the groom is when they are dating. And when he chooses her mother’s photo instead of hers, you can have a great laugh together before telling him to try again.

The test

Make the bride come up with a list of questions that the groom should know the answer to, such as “Where did they first meet” or “What is her favourite food?” Of course, don’t make the questions too easy.

Do a quick google search for ideas or use some of the ones below although he’ll be prepared if he read this article too. “What is the length of her pinky?” “What colour are her eyes?” “Which household chore does she like the least?”

Shake it off

Write punishments on post-its and paste them onto the groom. He’ll have 10 seconds to shake them off. He’ll have to do the forfeits written on the post-its that are left on his body.

The Mystery box

The mystery box will contain several items selected by the bride that are unique to the bride and groom. The groomsmen will take turns putting their hands into the mystery box and describe the item to the groom for him to guess.

The challenge here is the groomsmen have to describe the item well. If you want to up the challenge by a notch, make the groom guess why the items are considered memorable to his bride.

This is a pretty meaningful gatecrash game if you ask me!

The Eating Game

Prepare utensils Heck, don’t even use utensils. Prepare things like toothbrushes, combs, wires, all sorts of shit. Prepare some food that will be difficult to pick up using these utensils.

Write down the utensils and food on slips of paper and put them into two separate boxes. Then, get the groom’s team to draw a utensil and a type of food.

They will then have to finish the food using the utensils they picked within the time limit. Try eating a fishball with a shoelace!


The makeup challenge

Guys are not good at applying makeup usually, and that is precisely why you should make them do it.

Put several pictures of celebrities and make the guys attempt to copy it on their faces. Prepare the camera for funny photos!

Ice Age

Freeze the key to the bride in a huge chunk of ice and watch how the groom and his friends get to the key. Perfect for a hot sunny afternoon!

Eating weird food

No, we wouldn’t want the groom to get diarrhoea on his wedding day.


We all know guys are strong and fit and no, we do not need to boost their ego by making them do pushups.


Find the most challenging yoga positions and let the guys struggle to hold them.

Make them hold that position for 20 seconds before they are considered to have passed the test. We’re not supposed to bend this way!


Just bring out the twister mat.

No need for much preparation. This is going to be great.


Give him a piece of paper, make him go out and obtain blessings from 20 strangers.

Even better if the groom is shy.


Newspaper cuttings

Make up romantic phrases and give them some newspaper and scissors. They’ll have to form the phrases by finding and cutting the words out of the newspaper.

So hopefully with our list, you have more gatecrash ideas to ensure that it’s not too easy, but not too common either.

Featured Image: Dr David Sing / Shutterstock.com