10 Most Ridiculous Things Singaporeans do for Pokémon GO


Singapore before 6 August 2016 and Singapore after 6 August 2016 are very, very different; it’s not that our country was going to be one year older, but that Pokémon GO has taken the entire nation by storm.

While most things people do for Pokémon GO are harmless, there’re just some things that’re so ridiculous, you’ll wonder whether it has rained insanity on 6 August 2016 that changed some Singaporeans’ behaviours so drastically. Hard to believe? Read on.

People dashed across roads without due care for their safety because a Snorlax is nearby
Even if Justin Bieber is across the road, no one would have given a damn about the popular singer. It’s shocking to know that people are willing to compromise safety for a virtual creature that they most likely would forget a few months later.

People feed mosquitoes for Pokémons
The number enemy of most Singaporeans is a damn mosquito, but with Pokémon GO, they’re willing to be their friends. Talk about bonding, indeed. And did I say anything about the weather?

People got into car accidents
Okay, granted there’s only one alleged case, and the idea is similar to #1: people have put Pokémon first before safety.

People broke up with their boyfriends / girlfriends for Pokémon GO
While I can’t validate the authenticity of this story, it claims that a girl broke up with her boyfriend because he was too obsessed with Pokémon GO. Well, truth to be told, I think there’re more undocumented breakups…

 People have resorted to cheating on the game
“Spoofers” are people cheated on the game. According to rumours, some spoofers could essentially just play the game by moving a character on the Internet at the comfort of their house.


People have created MANY Pokémon GO Singapore Facebook group
Just take a look at this. Crazy much?
Pokemon Search

People have forgotten that it is the Seventh Month now
Let’s say you see someone in white with her long, silky hair covering her entire face at 2:00 a.m. in a park. What do you do? You might just ask her whether there’re any rare Pokémons around, even if she’s not alive.

People forget about Rio Olympics
Just take a look at your Facebook newsfeed. Do you see more Pikachu or more Joseph Schooling images? I see more Pikachu.

People get into weird arguments
Long ago, the spark of every argument in public is a reserved seat. Now, it’s Pokémon GO.

A company looks to engage Pokémon trainers, and they’ll be paid
If you’ve taken a double take, I don’t blame you. If you feel that this is ridiculous, hold your horses: there might really be such a job in the near future.

Featured Image: Elena Shashkina / Shutterstock.com

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