Pokémon Go Has Already Claimed Its First Victim in S’pore: An Honda Car


It’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

You might not know it, but on the second day of Pokémon Go’s launch in Singapore, a traffic accident occurred in Queenstown, and the people involved were apparently alleged to be playing Pokémon Go.

On 7 August 2016, at around 10:25 p.m., a white Honda sedan was on a one-lane road, and decided to overtake a stationary car in front. According to The Straits Times, the driver tried to overtake the car but lost control instead, hitting the fences on the pavement.

The road has a double white line divider, which means cars cannot stop and also cannot overtake. In other words, both the stationary car and the moving car have committed an offence.

The car then drove off after that.

Someone who saw the accident claimed that all the occupants in the moving car, including the driver, was playing Pokémon Go, as he had seen the car stopping at Queenstown Stadium, which is a Pokestop, and also moving slowly and stopping occasionally around the region.

The Pokémon Go craze, just like in other countries, have been causing several issues in Singapore. In Hougang, when reports of rare Pokemons were revealed, people from all over Singapore lingered in a playground, leaving litter after the crowds disperse.


In several Pokestops like the National Gallery Singapore, which is also a Pokestop, the management has put up signs that players who are “unpleasant and uncooperative” will be removed from its premises.

Just yesterday (10 August 2016), players dashed across a road when a rare Pokemon is spotted across the road, causing cars to jam-brake to avoid them.

Here’s one advice for all aspiring Pokemon trainers: losing a Pokemon gives you a chance to catch it again. Losing your life won’t.

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