10 packing hacks that’ll make your luggage lose 5 kg (but maybe you’ll gain 5 kg)

Packing for a vacation can be quite a chore for many of us. We don’t know what’s enough and what’s not enough. There seems to be so many things that we need to pack we might as well take the whole house along.

Well, we also know that bringing extra luggage is pretty expensive. After all, if you take budget flights, you are only given 20kg for checked in baggage, and 30kg for normal airlines. Do you face the same problem each time you’re going on a vacation? Packing light is easy, you just have to try these hacks. As a bonus, it’ll save you a lot of money as well!

Put on the heavier clothes when you go
This is what we mean by putting on that extra 5kg. If you travel, you can choose to wear your jeans or that woolen cardigan you love so much. Of course it’s going to be a hassle to take all of that off at airport security, but hey, at least you don’t have to waste money on buying extra baggage.

Buy your toiletries overseas
Because seriously, they do have your shampoo and soap overseas. Buy them overseas, even facial cleanser and toothpaste unless you need special brands.

Bring a smaller luggage
The smaller your luggage, the lesser you tend to pack. If you take along a big luggage for check in, you might be tempted to dump in everything you can.

Bring pocketable winter wear
If you’re travelling somewhere cold, you’ll have to bring along some winter clothes, some of which are thick and heavy. Opt for pocketable winter wear instead. Uniqlo sells some pretty good ones.

Choose clothes that are colour compatible 
If the colour of your clothes goes together, you can re-wear that same shirt or pants for the second day. If not, you’ll likely only wear it once and simply throw them into the laundry bag, not because they’re dirty, but because they don’t suit the rest of your clothes.

Use packing cubes
Personally I will ditch the cubes because it takes up too much space. But if you want to travel light, make use of these cubes because they take up more space, leaving you little room to squeeze in any unnecessary stuff.

Ditch the hair straightener/curler
When they travel, not only do girls bring their makeup products along, they take whatever is necessary for their beauty regime. Well, it’s time to ditch the curlers and straighteners, and let your hair go au naturel.

Bring only half of what you need
Especially your clothes. You can always send your clothes to the laundromat or even wash them on your own. I did this for my winter trip and it really saved me a lot of space, space I used to bring back even more goodies.

Bring clothes that have multi purposes
Like the pants that can be used for swimming and a casual day out. Or the sarong that you can use as a beach cover up, a beach mat, or even a bag. That way your luggage will be lighter because you don’t have too many things inside for different purposes.

Bring a tablet instead of laptop
Those of you who still need to get work done overseas, take along your tablet or iPad instead of a laptop. You can always bring along a portable keyboard. No more bulky bags!

Top Image: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com


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