10 Places That Are Still Open During CNY So You Won’t Be Stuck At Home With Relatives

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FYI, if you haven’t been heading out, CNY songs are playing everywhere and anywhere.

Yes, the festive season is here again!

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If you’re like me, a person who doesn’t celebrate this occasion, or actually dislikes spending time with certain relatives, then you’ve clicked on the right article.

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Here are ten ‘secret hideouts’ for you to try and hide away from people!


If you’re kinda forced to stay at home cos #familyspirit, then consider using the “Mum, I’ll help you to get “that” at the supermarket” method.

Nobody actually hates the supermarket. It’s diverse and there’s always something you need.

Or feel like you need it just cos it’s cheap.

So maybe get yourself a new book from the sales section, or stock up on some snacks and you’re all set to spend the whole day at home!

But do remember that you’re supposed to be looking for something.

Or just say cannot find lah.

In case you were wondering, the majority of 24Hr supermarkets will remain open while some will be extending their operating hours, according to past-year scenarios.

Here are the opening hours of Fairprice, Cold Storage and Sheng Shiong.

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Honestly, this is my favourite option so far.

Fancy some ‘me time’?

Just grab some popcorn and sit in a movie theater the whole day!

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With so many good movies coming out during CNY, you’ll have a wide array of exciting films to choose from.

Check out some of the movies coming out soon!

3.Changi Airport

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Actually, it’s not that crazy of an idea.

You can basically count the airport as a mega shopping centre in the East!

There are cafes for you to study in (please be considerate), countless eateries to choose from, and large viewing galleries for you to go and ponder about life 🙂

4.Fast food chains

Sigh…CNY go out also nothing to eat…

Yes, I feel you.

Last year’s CNY, I had McDonald’s for three meals straight.

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I’m not telling you to do the same, but your nearest fast food restaurant may just be your lifesaver during reunion lunch/dinner.

Just wake up later so you don’t have to worry about breakfast.


5. Parks & Walks

If you’re the more active kind and would love to sweat it out, check out some of the amazing locations to get closer to Mother Nature!

Hidden in the buzzing Jurong area are the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

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And then there’s Botanic Gardens

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TreeTop Walk

Image: NParks

And newer parks like Chestnut Nature Park.

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Honestly, it’s kind of hard to run out of places to go!

6. Gym

Following point #5, if you prefer to focus on the ‘active’ part, just go to your nearest gym.

People gain weight during CNY, but you lose weight.

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However, do take note that some gyms might not be open during the CNY period.

7.USS/Sentosa/S.E.A/Adventure Cove

This is a much more expensive option, but if you die die also want to get out of the house then you should really consider this.

Who says we can’t have fun if we don’t celebrate CNY? We’ll show ’em!

Besides the festive celebrations, there’s also a Snoopy-themed decoration at Sentosa!

S.E.A Aquarium and Adventure Cove are having some special offers as well during this festive period.

8.Capitaland Malls

I’m not sure how many stores will be open, but what’s a mall opening for if all shops are closed?

Try your luck at a mall and who knows? You might run into a sale section at an empty store.

It’s all yours.

FYI, if you’re worried about feeling tired travelling from mall to mall, there are 5 malls within walking distance from Jurong East MRT.


If you can’t stand the ear-shattering CNY songs, perhaps you can consider visiting a museum. I’m pretty sure they’ll not be playing those fist-clenching songs.

Take your pick from the list of a whopping 43 museums located right on the little red dot.


Now, this is something I’ve always wanted to try out.

Image: Great Deals Singapore

The Istana will be opened to the public on 17 Feb this year (2nd day of CNY) so try and join a guided tour!

I mean…there are only 5 days this year when it’s opened to the public. So why not?

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