These 10 Real Life Pokemons Will Make You Forget about Pokemon Go Instantly

Okay, okay. So this might not actually help you get over the fact that Pokemon Go still hasn’t arrived in our country but while you’re still deprived of catching ‘em all—Or any for that matter, here are some real life Pokemon that might interest you.

Though you can’t actually catch them, it’s a comfort to know that they somehow exist in the real world. You’d be surprised at the resemblance they have with their Pokemon counterpart!

1. The Asian Giant Hornet is Beedrill

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The resemblance is obvious if you ask me. Beedrill was definitely inspired by the Asian Giant Hornet which is the world’s largest hornet. The hornet is said to be roughly the size of an adult’s thumb and can sting its victim multiple times. A real life Pokemon hands down.

The American Pika is Pikachu

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These small mammals related to the rabbit family is probably the inspiration behind Pikachu’s creation as well as its name. The American Pika is described to have moderately large ears for their small body and though they’re not yellow and give out lightning sparks, they sure look just as cute as Pikachu!

The Axolotl is Mudkip

Images: Stephen Dalton (Photoshoot) /
Images: Stephen Dalton (Photoshoot) /

This cute amphibian does look a little like Mudkip. Just like its water Pokemon counterpart, the Axolotl (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) also lives underwater. It’s also known as the Mexican Walking Fish but strangely, it’s not a fish but an amphibian of the mole salamander family.

The Pitcher Plant is Victrebel


The creators of Pokemon definitely thought about the Pitcher Plant when they came up with Victreebel. The meat/insect eating plant is one of nature’s most remarkable mysteries. Like Pokemon, the Pitcher Plant is said to also have gone through evolvement from just an ordinary plant to a meat eating one. Very interesting.

The Rafflesia is Vileplume

Images: Henrik Hansson via /
Images: Henrik Hansson via /

The world’s largest flower had no doubt, inspired the creation of Vileplume. Some characteristics that are quite similar is the fact that the Rafflesia is a parasitic plant whereas Vileplume is both a grass and poison type Pokemon. You can find a Rafflesia/Vileplume in some parts of the Bornean rainforests.

The Chromodoris Lochi is Shellos

Images: Alexander R. Jenner - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0. /
Images: Alexander R. Jenner – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0. /

This multi-coloured sea slug can grow up to 4cm and looks just like the Pokemon Shello—Not entirely but you see the resemblance, don’t you? They sure look cute for sea slugs. Shello is also known as a water type Pokemon.

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar is Caterpie

Images: David Katz, Hershey, PA., 9/22/03 /
Images: David Katz, Hershey, PA., 9/22/03 /

The resemblance is so obvious with this one! The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail actually has false eyes (see the two yellow dots) to confuse predators while the orange forked antenna on its head is actually a foul smelling organ. Very interesting.

The Bee Pupa Is Kakuna

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A little weirded out by this one but there’s no doubt Kakuna was inspired by the bee pupa. Eek. Kakuna also evolves into a Beedrill (which is obviously a bee) so that makes a lot of sense! This real life Pokemon might just be closer to you than you think.

The Calico Ryukin Goldfish Is Seaking


It’s a goldfish and its colours are that similar to Seaking is the Calico Ryukin Goldfish. Though it doesn’t have a pair of fangs or a horn on its head, at least you could actually own one as a pet. Get them at your nearest aquarium centre/pet store today!

The Cedar Waxwing Is Pidgey

pokemon 101


If you love birdwatching then maybe you should keep a look out for this Pokemon Pidgey lookalike. The  beautiful Cedar Waxwing is a medium sized bird that’s often brown and grey in colour.

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