10 Seriously Painful Memories We Have Of Our Primary School Life in S’pore


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All of us had to go through primary school and every single one of us has our own fair share of good and bad memories of our time there.

Painful memories, though, that’s another thing altogether. It consisted of the times we had to do things we didn’t want to, and probably things we had to endure when we didn’t do our homework or get things done.

Here are 10 of the painful memories you will definitely experience when you were in primary school!

1. Being called to the principal’s office over the PA system

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Usually, when this happens, it is never a good thing. And for your name to be so publicly called out, it was really shameful because everyone knew what you were in for, including you.

All you wanted to do was dig a hole in the ground and hide when you finally left the principal’s office.

2.Being chosen to go for TAF Club


Nobody wanted to get selected to go to TAF Club because that only meant one thing. You were deemed overweight.

If you were one of the unlucky few, you will remember the mornings when you came into school earlier than anyone else to exercise and those after school runs you were forced to do. Not to mention your classmates calling you “fatty bom bom”.

3. Having to learn spelling


This relates both to English and Chinese spelling, with Chinese having an additional ting xie (listening comprehension). For those who hate their language lessons, these were a torture to learn.

4. Having to ensure our shoes remain chalk-white


Remember how our teachers would insist that our shoes be white even when they were soaked in rainwater? That’s probably how many of us learned to use white chalk to give our shoes a temporary whiteness until we got home and used the shoe whitener.

5. Carrying all our books to school because we didn’t know if we would miss any one

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Because we were so worried that we would miss any one textbook or workbook for the day, our parents made us carry ALL our books to school every single day. How our backs hurt from all that weight!

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6. Getting our knuckles rapped when we didn’t do our homework


Sometimes our teacher would use a wooden ruler, other times, a metal one. The wooden one already hurt quite a bit so you can imagine what kind of pain the metal one caused. There were times when the metal one would tear skin and we would be left reeling in the pain for awhile.

7. Having to run for Physical Education

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Nobody liked running during Physical Education and I mean nobody. Everyone would always be looking forward to a game of netball or basketball as it was more fun. Running was so dull, some kids would even pretend to be sick to sit out of the period.

8. Nobody to sit with at recess

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If your friends decide to unfriend you before recess, that meant you would not have any company during and so you would be sitting alone and having your meal. Which, in a primary school kid’s eyes, is majorly upsetting and embarrassing.

9.Coming late for school and having to stand outside your class until the teacher said you could come in


Sometimes, it wasn’t even our fault that we came late for school and yet, we had to endure standing outside the classroom until our teacher thought it was a good time to let us come in. Did they know how embarrassing that was? What if that cute boy or girl walked by and saw you.


10. Having to stay awake during Principal’s daily morning speech


This may sound easy enough to do but it really wasn’t, especially if you had to wake up at 6am and was in school at 7.30am listening to a droning speech given by your Principal. If you weren’t feeling tired enough already, this would definitely put you to sleep.

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