Signs She Likes You: 10 Ways Girls Who Are Interested in You Play Hard To Get

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Curious about signs that she likes you? Why do you feel like one moment, she is interested and the next, she’s cold as Elsa in Frozen?

Playing hard to get signs aren’t always clear to everyone. Here are some signs she likes you but is playing hard tog et.

My mother used to advise me when I was a little girl to not be too easy a catch for the guys because then, they will not treasure you as much.

Make it a little difficult for them to woo you. So while the girl of your interest may not have immediately jumped when you asked her out on a date, don’t fret. It’s not the end of the world yet.

She may just be playing hard to get to figure out if you are truly serious about her. So what are the 10 signs you can spot to know if a girl is using your heartstrings as her fishing line, even though she may actually be interested in you?

Signs That She Likes You But Is Playing Hard to Get

She acts like she doesn’t care

One clear sign that she is playing hard to get is that she will always try to make herself more noticeable when she sees you strolling past, but she acts like she doesn’t care.

It could be her slightly louder laughter or even that moment of eye contact. She wants you to know she is interested but you still need to work for it.

Her text replies take a long time

One day you might wonder, “Is she playing hard to get by not texting back.”

You will realize that she takes a pretty long time to reply to you and when she does, she flirts. When you think it’s time to go in for the kill, she backs away. This is a sure-fire sign that she is keen but she isn’t going to give in so easily.

She keeps talking about her male friends

When you guys talk, she persistently tells you about her “super adorable/funny/crazy” guy pals at the office, school or at the gym. It doesn’t matter if you know these guys or not, the main thing is that she wants to see if you react in any way which will also show her how much you really want to be with her.

She tries to be mysterious

You will notice that she will keep you guessing about certain snippets of her life. That’s how she wants to continue holding on to your attention and keep you coming back for more. If this doesn’t mean she’s interested, I don’t know what will.

Now she’s hot, now she’s cold

One moment she’s touching your arm and giggling at your jokes, the next she goes all silent and cold. You might wonder if she is losing interest or playing hard to get.

She knows this will get you riled up and keep you guessing. On your end, you can either continue putting up with it and pursue her relentlessly or cut to the chase and just give up altogether.

She makes herself look attractive

Possibly one of the surest signs that she is interested is in the way she tries to look her best when she is with you. You may even notice that she has decided to put on a little more make up or do her hair in a different way to get you to notice her even more.

Her body language around you

There are many gestures a girl can make to show you that she is interested. These can range from that subtle biting of the lip to the way she crosses her legs, her leaning forward to listen to what you are saying and even slight brushes across the arm with her fingers or hair.

She might even jab you with casual insults or poke fun at you which, in the flirting world, is really not a bad thing at all as she may just want to continue the conversation with you.


She is slightly different around you

Sure, she can be laughing like a hyena when she is with her friends but if you notice that she gets a little more dignified when she’s around you, it’s a good sign that she’s interested. She wants you to see her in a better light and make a good impression obviously.

You need to make a good impression on her friends

If she has a close knit group of friends, she will want to see if you are able to fit in with them before she makes any decision. If she introduces you to them, it is already a pretty sweet sign that she is considering taking up your offer.

She may act aloof, but she is never far away

In terms of physical contact or even texting, she is always somewhere close by even if it doesn’t feel that way. If she rejects your proposal for a date and comes back a couple of days later “just to say hi” or make alternative plans, you can be sure you have got this one in the bag. Just be a patient for a little while longer and you will get the girl!

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