10 Signs That You’re a Workaholic Lest You Think You’re Not

Work is a central theme in every adult’s life unless you’re the heir or heiress of a hotel chain, then you can pretty much kick back and take up DJ-ing as a hobby.

And most times, people hate their jobs. Heck, there are even FB pages dedicated to it.

But there are people on the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Those people love their jobs way too much and unbeknownst to them, it is slowly killing them.

I am talking about workaholics! Even you might be one and you just don’t know it.

Here are 10 signs that you’re a workaholic!

1) Overtime

Millennials hate this term, every time they hear the word, OT, they want to K.O.

OT is part and parcel of work, and at times, you just can’t escape it.

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But doing OT every other day, even when it is unnecessary, can mean two things—you’re either slacking during the day or you’re working too hard.

If it is the latter, cut yourself some slack and head back home.

2) Bring work back home

When I say head back home, I mean: head back home and take a 2-hour bath and binge watch Netflix till you fall asleep.

If you catch yourself working on work reports in the wee hours of the morning, you need to delete that shit and go to bed.

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3) Skipping Lunch

Workaholics tend to skip lunch and it is a counter-intuitive move.

You will end up burning out and your productivity rate will steadily decline.

4) Your relationship is affected

If your work is putting a strain on your relationship, then you need to reaccess your priorities.

I mean, if you see your girlfriend even lesser than the time you were in NS, then something is definitely wrong.

5) Doing other people’s work

While it is okay to help out your colleague if he/she is drowning in work but if it happens perpetually, then you’re just being taken advantage of.

And you will end up doing OT-ing.

6) You see your boss more than your family

It is necessary to have a good relationship with your boss but you should know where to draw the line.

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If you know your boss’ favourite food and colour, that is just weird.

7) No social life

When was the last time you saw your close friends?

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That’s probably because your weekends are filled up with work, this is a sure sign that you’re a workaholic!

8) Lack of sleep

There is an archaic notion that sleep is for lazy people. But in this day and age, there are numerous studies indicating that sleep is as important as eating healthily.

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You need sleep to recharge your body and brain and if you’re sacrificing your zzzs for work, you’re eventually going to collapse and I meant it in the literal sense.

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9) Health

Noticed how my points are interrelated?

Well, all these aforementioned points are a chain of events that will lead you to be under the weather.

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And, health definitely takes precedence over work coz if you do end up seriously ill, you will be easily replaced at work.

10) Phone keeps buzzing

Technology has made our lives easier and harder at the same time. It is a double-edged sword—your boss can reach you at any time of the day.

So if your phone is buzzing with work emails and calls, it’s time to turn off that damn phone.

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So, have you caught yourself nodding to some if not most of the points?

Well, it’s time to sort your priorities or leave your toxic workplace!

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