10 Simple Hacks to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

After staring at your smartphones all day, you might realise that the battery has decreased way too fast for your liking.

Despite leaving the house with 100%, your phone seems to have other plans, but with these simple hacks, you can make sure your battery lasts the entire day!

1. Decrease phone brightness

It’s not surprising that having a brighter phone screen will drain the battery of its power. Besides saving up on battery power, you’ll also be able to avoid being blinded by the brightness of your phone screen.

After all, why need such a brightness when wherever you go is always well-lit?

2. Lower your screen’s timeout

Sometimes our phones take awhile to fade to a black screen, unsure if we’re still using our phones or not, and sometimes we forget to lock our phones. If you adjust your screen’s timeout, the screen darkens more quickly so your battery won’t need to contribute to keeping the screen lit.

That little battery juice saved can be massive if you unlocked your phone like hundreds of times a day.

3. Turn off GPS tracking

For those who frequently turn their GPS on to get directions from one place to another, it would be a good idea to turn the function off when not in use. Detecting your position can suck a fair bit of battery life.

4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

Searching for a connection with either of these functions can take a toll on your phone battery. Make sure neither of these are on if you want to preserve your precious percentage!

5. Turn off cellular data

Yeah, we know you’re bored on the train ride and you just want to scroll through your feed. But it can sap your battery life and you may end up with 0% before you’re back home. Turn off your data when you don’t need it, or when you’re at a place that has bad connection, as searching for a connection is very, very draining.

6. Switch battery saving mode (or its features) on

Some phone models offer a battery saving mode, or allow you to cut down on background features. That will help you save on the power that would have been used by your phone to do accomplish those unnecessary tasks.

7. Turn off vibrations and key tones

The little tapping sounds when you type and the vibration alerts may not be necessary. If you insist on requiring notifications, at least tone down the volume or vibration strength.

What you might not know is that vibrations use a lot of battery, so if you can, turn the sound on and off the vibration. It’s a well-known trick that has been passed on since the Nokia 3310 era.

8. Keep it out of the heat

Avoid putting your phone in direct sunlight as the heat will drain your battery power more quickly. Even your body might radiated heat that affects the battery!

9. Do short but frequent periods of charging

Lithium based batteries are manufactured in a way that being charged often and for short periods of time help to prolong battery life. Leaving lithium batteries at low battery percentages can spoil the battery more quickly.

10. Avoid using animations for your backgrounds and screen savers

Many smartphones support this function and these animated pictures do look good on phones. But they can cause one’s battery to decrease more quickly, so if you want to maintain your battery power, better switch to a static picture instead. After all, you’re the only one seeing your phone – why the need for animations?

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