10 Century Egg Health Benefits That Will Surprise You


Last Updated on 2023-01-08 , 9:07 pm

Are there any Century Egg health benefits?

Despite having such a stand-out name, the century egg isn’t actually a century or 100 years old to be exact.

IKR? Shocker!

It is however, just an egg that is preserved over a couple of months in quicklime, ash, clay, salt and rice husk. After the process, you will have yourself an egg with a strong distinct sulfuric odour which egg whites have turned translucent brown and egg yellows, a creamy grey or green colour.

But is century egg healthy? Well, read some of the benefits of century eggs below and decide for yourself!

10 Century Egg Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Higher Protein Nutrition Than A Normal Egg
Because the century egg is high in protein, the Chinese actually consider it as a healthy protein snack. As we all know, protein is a nutrient that is essential for a person’s health and just like carbohydrates, it serves as fuel for the body. So if you’re feeling sluggish, eat an egg. Who knows, maybe that will do the trick!

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Less Carbohydrate Content

Reader: Eh, century egg got as many calories as normal egg ah?

Well, there’s good news for those who are trying to lay off the carb! Century eggs are said to contain less of the nutrient than a normal egg as the nutrient is reduced during the preserving process. Its higher protein content makes up for the lack of it as it also provides energy when consumed.

Excellent Source of Iron
Iron is also a much essential nutrient needed by the human body and surprisingly, the century egg is an excellent source of it! Iron is needed to help transport oxygen throughout the body as well as assisting in growth and development of the body and its cellular functions.


Good Source of Selenium
If you don’t already know, selenium is a mineral that acts as an antioxidant which protects the human body against damage. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and support normal thyroid function. Who would have thought such a ghastly looking food like the century egg would actually contribute to these benefits?

Excellent Source of Vitamin D
Besides getting some D from Mr Sun himself, eating the century egg is also an excellent source of it. Who knew? Vitamin D is needed by our body to enhance the intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, zinc and iron. All this is essential for the normal mineralization of bones or simply, bone development and protection.

Good Aphrodisiac
So I guess it’s a good idea to order the century egg on your next date because the Chinese believe that it is a good source of aphrodisiac– Another fact I have absolutely no clue about! I will elaborate no further just that this might be something some of you want to take note of to see if it actually works.

Improves Appetite
No wonder the century egg makes a good appetizer because it does indeed, improve one’s appetite. I usually eat century egg when it’s mixed in porridge and find that the creamy texture and saltiness of the egg often induces me into having another bowl of porridge after. So if you suddenly have a decline in your appetite especially when you’ve fallen ill, some porridge and century egg might be of great help!

Lowers Blood Pressure
Because of containing all the important nutrients mentioned previously, the century egg is also said to lower blood pressure. Maintaining and improving a healthy blood pressure is important in order to prevent the risks of diseases such as stroke or heart attack as well as heart and kidney failure.

Increases Liver Functioning
As we all know, the liver is the organ in our body that functions as a filter and processes our blood as it circulates throughout our entire body. Some of its other vital functions also include producing blood-clotting proteins and detoxifying harmful toxins in our body. Want to have a healthy liver? Have yourself some century egg!

Improves Vision
This could be an alternative to having laser eye surgery which some of us definitely cannot afford. So, a moderate intake of century eggs over a span of time and making an effort to conduct eye exercises every day might just allow us glasses-wearing beings to see without them in future! Or not. Eating century eggs can be good for our eyesight mainly because its nutrient contents help in terms of protecting dry eyes, prevent cataracts and also age-related eye diseases.

So, is the century egg bad for you? Clearly not. You’ve read all about the century egg’s benefits and nutritional value, so there’s only one thing left to do.

Shove one in your mouth right now. (Chew before swallowing, of course).