10 Century Egg Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Last Updated on 2023-06-20 , 12:18 pm

You might be curious about the century egg—yes, you heard that right, a century egg. But rest easy, it’s not actually a 100-year-old food item. Surprised, aren’t you?

This uniquely named delicacy, also known as pidan, is simply an egg preserved for several weeks in an intriguing blend of quicklime, ash, clay, salt, and rice husk.

The result? An intriguingly different egg with a dark translucent brown ‘white’ and a grey or green ‘yolk’ that radiates a distinct sulfuric aroma.

But don’t let its dramatic appearance fool you.

The main question here is, is century egg healthy? Well, we’re about to explore the various century egg benefits that might just make you a fan.

Century Egg Nutrition: A Protein Powerhouse and Beyond

Many wonder, “Is century egg good for you?” Here’s a spoiler alert: it’s not just good, it’s great! From protein to essential minerals, this culinary wonder packs a punch.

Well, here’s a pleasing nugget for the health-conscious: the century egg has higher protein content

More Protein, Fewer Carbs

That’s not all, century eggs also has fewer carbohydrates compared to a regular egg.

The Chinese often cherish it as a nutritious protein snack. It’s not just fuel for your body; it might just be the secret ingredient you need to shake off that mid-afternoon energy slump!

An Iron Treasure Trove

Your next question might be, “What else is there in the century egg nutrition profile?” The answer is iron.

Iron is a vital mineral needed for oxygen transportation, growth, and cellular functions. Surprise, surprise – the century egg is an excellent source!

Selenium: The Unsung Hero

You may not be aware, but selenium is a potent antioxidant that protects the human body against damage, regulates blood pressure, and supports thyroid function.

And guess what? That odd-looking century egg can indeed contribute to these benefits!

Soaking Up the Vitamin D

Aside from soaking up some rays for Vitamin D, the century egg has got you covered.

This nutrient aids the intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, zinc, and iron, which are essential for bone development and protection.

The Aphrodisiac Angle

Planning a romantic meal? Consider including the century egg. It’s believed to be a potent aphrodisiac. Is there any truth to it? Well, only one way to find out!

Appetite Booster

The century egg is also a fantastic appetizer. Its unique texture and flavor can make you crave for more food, perfect for those struggling with a reduced appetite.

Blood Pressure Regulator

Due to its impressive nutrient profile, the century egg can potentially lower blood pressure. With heart disease as a significant global health concern, every bit helps!

Liver Function Enhancer

The century egg can also give your liver a helping hand, an organ critical for blood processing and detoxification. So, for a liver-friendly snack, consider the century egg.

Vision Improver

On a budget but need to improve your eye health? The century egg could be your answer. Its nutrients help protect dry eyes, prevent cataracts, and combat age-related eye diseases.

So, is century egg healthy? Absolutely. You’ve just been walked through the numerous century egg benefits and its robust nutritional profile.

If you’re ready to embrace a taste adventure and health journey in one bite, get ready to savor a century egg. Remember, chew before swallowing, and enjoy!