8 Other Uses of Eggs Besides Cooking & Eating Them


Last Updated on 2023-02-14 , 4:41 pm

We all love eggs, right? But you might wonder about the other uses of eggs.

They’re considered one of the natural wonders of the food world and they come bursting with nutrients and proteins.

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But did you know that they can be used for more than just cooking and eating? Here are 8 other uses of an egg you probably didn’t know.

Other Uses Of Eggs

Anti-Aging Cleanser

Egg whites are bursting with proteins and make a great facial cleanser. Whisk some egg whites with water, apply it to your face and wash it off. You’ll find your pores shrinking and lesser puffiness.

Yolk Moisturiser

Rich in vitamin A, these yolks are what you need to up your A game. Simply whisk two yolks with some water, apply to your face and wash it off.

Hair conditioner

Beat two eggs (yolks only if your hair is dry) with a bit of olive oil and apply to hair once frothy. Bunch up your hair under a shower cap and leave it to sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it off later and you’ll find your hair sleek and silky. If you hate the smell of raw eggs, add some scented oil to the mixture before applying.

Water for the plants

When you hard boil your eggs, leave the water to cool and use it to water your plants. Eggshells contains a high amount of calcium and you’ll find your plants growing big and strong.

First Egg-I mean Aid

Have a cut? Boil an egg, peel off the shell and the thin membrane between the shell and egg. The membrane can help to stop bleeding and prevent scarring at the same time.

In fact, if you’ve watched plenty of Hong Kong movies, you’ll see the heroes boil an egg, wrap in a towel and use it to rub on their bruises. The heat helps to dissipate the blood that starts collecting.


Leather Cleaner

Rub the egg white into your dirty leather and wipe it off with a damp cloth. As a bonus, it’ll give your leather that extra shine too!

Hangover cure

Mix one raw egg with one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, some hot sauce, salt, pepper and Tabasco. Drink up and you’ll find your hangover gone.

Homemade glue

Ran out of glue and lazy to go out and buy? Mix some flour, water, sugar, alum with egg white and you have homemade glue ready to go.

Now that you know all these, it’s time to go wild! Let us know if we’ve missed out on anything!

Featured Image: Mikhail Artamonov / Shutterstock.com