10 Thing to do in Thailand Other Than Shopping ‘Coz Shopping is Too Mainstream

Image: Cocos.Bounty / Shutterstock.com

We all know that Thailand’s like the best place to shop at, next to Uganda.

But did you know that Singaporeans love going to Thailand for reasons other than just burning bucks on clothes and staple wear?

Oh wait you do? Well erm…

Since you’re here, just read on la.

1. Eat Thai Food

This one’s a no-brainer. I mean…

Have you seen the amount of foodporn that goes on in Thailand?

Image: CNN.com
Image: Youtube
Image: asia.dmc

Geezus Prist.

Indeed, going to Thailand without trying your hands on the food there is akin to going to the toilet and not washing your hands.

You’re missing out, bruh.

Plus, according to my colleague, a large dish of pineapple fried rice, adorned with fresh prawns and all the atas works, is being sold there for just SGD $6.

Not the actual dish he ate. Image: The Spruce Eats

Restaurant-level fare priced at Singapore coffeeshop rates? We’re hooked.

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And also, if you’re the exquisite kind of person…

Image: Youtube

To each his/her own huh?

2. Enjoy Water sports

Okay I get it; shouldn’t Batam be the go-to for water sports? What’s this writer writing? Has he even been to Batam? Or Thailand? Why am I even still reading his article?

Relax, relax; although I’ve never been to Batam (oh the shame), I’ve been to Thailand more times than I would’ve liked. So I know what I’m writing. I think. 

Besides, I genuinely believe that the water sports there are worth a try. Just check these out:

Image: Samui Boat Charter
Image: Travel Triangle

Whether you go for a speedboat tour in Phuket, a Tornado Water Xtreme ride in Koh Samui, or even some casual kayaking around Hong Island…

Image: Rayna Tours

You can be sure of an extra exhilarating ride.

3. Bungee Jump

Crave for that sense of adrenaline you can only get from shitting in the toilet? Go bungee jumping in Pattaya.

Image: Love Pattaya Thailand

With 197 feet (60 metres) spanning you and certain death, this activity will trigger all your natural animalistic instincts, and make you cry “ImsorrydadandmumishouldnthavedonethattoyouimsosorryomgawdpleasestopthisNOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.

Indeed, there’s really nothing quite like some good bungee jumping to extract all your deepest, darkest secrets, which is probably why Singaporeans go for it so much; locals are way too uptight for their own good.

Geddit? Uptight? Uptied? #sorrynotsorry

4. Ride on Elephants

Elephants are pretty mystical creatures, in the sense that they are big, strong, walk on four legs and have trunks that share a strange resemblance to a man’s lower body part.

But did you know that they are also pretty comfy to ride on? The elephants’ trunks I mean.

Image: Destination Tips

As such, elephants are always a popular option for Thailand-goers, whether it’s going for short trips perched atop a ginormous mount, or just watching it gobble up any peanuts you might have in your hand. Whichever it is, it’s bound to be a blast.

Image: Go Overseas

5. Explore Caves

Thailand boasts a number of tourist-saavy islands, as well as caves that would surely make short work of the average Singaporean’s curiosity.

Image: Huffington Post

With exotic sites like Emerald Cave at Koh Mook, Koh Mai Phai at Bamboo Island, Chaweng Beach at Koh Samui, Maya Bay at Koh Phi Phi & many more being places of interest, it’s no wonder Singaporeans are so hyped up about cave-exploring there.

Image: Pinterest

6. Take Thai-sthetic photos

If you’re all about aesthetics, Thailand’s also more than capable of satisfying all your visual urges.

Just look at it.

Image: tourismthailand.org

With tours and cruises that take you around the nation’s most photogenic spots, your photographer skills will be put to the test as you try to snap the most perfect images. Ever.

7. History traipsing

History’s boring. But that’s probably because you’ve seen the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles like a million times.

Thailand, however, is a totally new platform, or at least historically wise.

Image: Touropia

Explore their grandiose-looking temples, palaces and monuments, and be wowed by an all new culture.

8. Immerse in their Nightlife

Think Singapore’s nightlife is happening? Wait till you see Thailand’s.

Image: Thailand

With the infamous Bangla Street (think Geylang, but multiply the toxic effect by a few million times) only one of Thailand’s numerous night spots, Thailand’s nightlife is full of booze, babes, more babes (?) and other night temptations you will feel hard-pressed to resist.

Image: Thailand Explored

Plus, there’s always PPS, which I shall gloss over in the next point.

9. Watch their Shows

You’ve seen tigers in zoos.

But have you seen tigers jumping through flaming hoops, in an arena circled by people. Live?

Yes folks, I’m talking about Thailand’s circus shows.

Image: Youtube

And of course, let’s not forget freak shows, where Thailand lets you see some of the weirdest shit that could ever be seen.

Ping pong show, anyone?

You’re thinking of two people playing ping pong? Okay. Good for you.

10. Snorkelling

Last but not least, here’s something for you to go crazy over whilst in Thailand.


Hopelessly basic as it may sound, snorkelling is a favourite past time of many Thailanders, and it’s hard to figure out why considering the sheer beauty Sawadeekap-land.

Sheer beauty in the oceans I mean.

Sawadeeka, come to Thailand

Honestly, if you’ve never been to Thailand,you’re missing out a lot. So here’s a tip:

Get your ass there as soon as possible, because you won’t regret it.

But before making your way there, you might want to watch this video on the tourist traps in Thailand:

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Siam the scams and you’ll be fine.

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