10 Things Not to Do When You Secure Your First Date During Val Day

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The arrival of Valentines’ Day is a perfect opportunity to ask our crush out for a date. With the lovely-Dovey atmosphere and the spirit of love, perhaps this Valentines’ Day, you’ll finally secure your first date? 

Of course, dating doesn’t come easy. there are many dos and don’ts that might cost us our date. Want to make sure you’re doing it right? Here are 10 things that you shouldn’t do on your first date if you still want a second one!

1. Make the other party wait

It is fairly reasonable when we can’t be on the dot for our date due to terrible traffic. But it’s not okay if we don’t inform them that we’re going to be late. No one wants to sit there and wait forever for someone, doubting if they are going to show up. 

If you are going to make the other party wait, your love life too, will have to wait. 

2. Dress like you are going to the market 

As much as appearance shouldn’t be the main factor of attraction, it still shows how much effort you put into your date. Dress to impress! Don’t dress like you are going to get hokkien mee at your nearest kopitiam. 

3. Be on your phone the entire time

Hello, you dating me or dating your phone? Put it away for goodness sake. If you are going to spend the whole time looking at your phone instead of your date, perhaps you should date your phone instead!

4. Talk about your Ex 

This just gives him/her an idea that you’re still not over your ex, and no one wants to be a rebound. 

5. Talk about yourself all the time

Sometimes when we’re nervous, some of us tend to have the habit of filling up the silence with words. Random words about yourself. Nothing quite turns off a woman than a narcissist who can’t stop talking about himself.

6. Not talking at all

Which brings me to the next point- when people don’t talk at all. The purpose of a date is to get to know the other party better. If you don’t engage in a conversation, you’ll never be able to find out if you guys are compatible. Also, it’s tiring when the conversation is constantly going in one direction. 

7. Asks the other person out but doesn’t plan

“Where do you want to go?” “Um, I don’t know, you decide.” 

Please, be decisive. 

8. 50 Shades Darker

Not what you’re thinking please.

Do not bring your date to watch 50 shades darker. It is totally not advisable to watch such an intense movie on the first date. I know it’s out on V-day and you can’t wait to catch it. Nope, not a good idea. 

9. Bring a friend along 

No, no, no. Just no. You’re on a date, my friend. It’s not a gathering, neither is it a hangout. t.

10. Expect your date to foot the bill

If you’re unsure, just always, always go Dutch. Don’t expect your date to foot the bill entirely! 

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