10 Things You Steal from Your Boyfriend Other Than His Jacket & His Heart


We may have stolen our boyfriend’s heart, but nothing says we love them more than being able to steal his jackets or any stuff to wear and use.

Besides, it’s not like they even mind, right? Right? Right? Here’re the other ten things we commonly “steal” from them, because #relationshipisfunny

White Button-Down Shirt

Image: fashionstylehunter.wordpress.com

A classic white button-down shirt is a staple piece in our closet, especially when it comes to formal attire. Pair it with a pair of jeans for an effortless chic look and we’re good to go!


Image: Pinterest

Why get an oversized tee when you can just grab one out of your boyfriend’s closet? Especially if you’re petite, his shirts will always make a perfect dress. No fuss and easy to throw on and be swag!


Image: livinginsingapore.org

This speaks for itself. We steal! Even when we have our own food or even when we both ordered the same food! Just because it’s same, that doesn’t change anything. Let’s all just agree that food tastes SO GOOD, especially when it’s not yours!


Image: Nikirov / Shutterstock.com

I know you’ll say it’s gross, but you can always steal a clean one! Have you tried guy’s razors? Their blades are packed tightly, providing a closer and smoother shave. When it came to beauty product, I thought we girls are supposed to have all the best stuff?


Image: askmen.com

Somehow our boyfriend’s perfume always smells so good. To top it off, it’s super long lasting compared to ours. Plus, the best part is that we’ll always have that sense of familiarity and are constantly reminded of them!


Image: amazon.com

Let’s be honest, we all own shorts, even those female boxers, but our boyfriends’ ones are the most comfortable shorts to sleep in. Ever. They are even made with real pockets instead of pockets just for show!


Image: onemanadreaming.blogspot.sg

Are you happy to know you are not the only one who steals the blanket? We girls know we must share it, but at the end of the day, who is to say what happens when we sleep, right? It’s not like we do it on purpose!


Image: Pinterest

Woke up late, or just plain lazy to style your hair? I know how you feel. This is the perfect and comfortable solution for our unwashed hair. Nothing says we are cool and easy-going as well as a cap.


Image: Hans Kim / Shutterstock.com

We love our own spaces, but we for sure love to invade and steal our boyfriends’ personal space even more. Nothing says “close” better than being right next to them! I’ll say, it is not like they don’t do the same back to us! So this is pretty fair!


Image: merzzie / Shutterstock.com

Who says we only steal physical item? Most of us can agree that we didn’t just steal his heart; we most likely also stole the hearts of their parents too! Plus, it’s always better to be on good terms with your boyfriend’s family!

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