10 Little Things Girls Love about Their Boyfriends But will Never Say


Guys, have you ever wondered about what your girlfriends really like you to do? There are certain things that they really appreciate even though they may have never voiced it out directly. Here’s the list that can guarantee your way through to her heart.

1. The Good Morning Text

When she wakes up to a “Good morning, babe” with a heart emoji, she’ll definitely have a good day ahead. Otherwise, even when you wake up past noon and still texts to say “Good morning”, she knows you’re thinking of her the first thing you open your eyes and will definitely feel the warmth.

2. Late Night Texts

Every girl loves the feeling of staying up to text knowing someone is also making the same effort not to fall asleep and continue the conversation into the wee hours. Also, falling asleep while texting halfway is an experience she can’t forget.

3. Calling her for nothing

When you give her a random call in the middle of the day because you just wanted to hear her voice, her heart has already melted.

4. Random Confessions

Telling her that you love her when she least expects it. Showing your love should not be a planned, purposeful thing but a true thought that is incorporated in your daily life.

5. Laughing at her silly jokes

She knows it is lame, she knows it is not funny at all but you’re still enjoying it sincerely. What else could she ask for?

6. Getting her favourite drink in the morning

When she’s still trying to wake up from her dreams, hand her a cup of her favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate that she was just thinking of getting.

7. When you disturb her 

Sometimes you just want to annoy and tease her about her little quirky habits and it may seem that she dislikes it but in fact, she likes it because she knows you won’t disturb other girls like how you disturb her. Just keep in mind that it’s tricky not to go overboard with this or she can get real irritated.

8. Simply holding her hand in a huge crowd

When you’re in the middle of a huge sea of people, you gently pick her hand up and put it in yours so that she won’t be separated from you. Another thing is when you’re at an occasion where she knows no one and you know she feels insecure, you gently hold her hands and smiled at her, reassuring her that she’s doing fine.

9. A word of thanks

Sometimes, you may have forgotten the simple words ‘Thank you’ when you’ve been together for so long and you’re so used to her doing things for you. However, it will be really nice when you thank her for getting you a meal or pouring you a cup of drink. She’ll feel appreciated.

10. Looking into her eyes when she’s talking

This shows that you’re really interested in what she’s sharing about and care instead of just pacifying her or pretending to pay attention. She likes it when you really want to know what she wants to tell you.

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