10 Things That Are Free on an Airplane for Kiasu S’poreans


Last Updated on 2022-09-20 , 10:54 am

Singaporean love freebies, and we secretly hate to admit it. It doesn’t matter where we are.

But hey, who can resist a good offer to add on to our experiences, especially when they are free, right?

Being 10,000 feet off the ground for a couple of hours (or more) can be a delight or a nightmare in the sky.

All we want in our journey to our destination is a smooth, safe flight minus all the drama from screaming passengers, getting knocked by bulky luggage, and the long waiting times.

Add to the sweetness of your in-flight entertainment with these free things you probably didn’t know of, or ever thought of asking.

Of course, most of these won’t be available for budget airlines…for obvious reasons lah.

And also, it depends a lot on the airline, so this is more of a general guide.

1. Sanitizing wipes

Let’s start with hygiene here. If you want to clean your seat area and surroundings, feel free to ask the flight attendant for some sanitizing wipes.

They would usually have it with them, and it’s something that most of us don’t know can be requested for.

Besides, we’re going to spend a few hours on the flight so it’s best to keep it as clean and germ-free as possible. Especially if you have kids.

2. Hot chocolate

When it comes to your in-flight options for warm drinks, you may think that you are limited to just coffee and tea. Nope. There’s more than that.

Image: Room Reviews

Get yourself some warm and yummy, hot chocolate drink. It perks you up or eases you into a good night’s rest feeling all comfortable and fuzzy in your tummy.

3. Socks, pajamas and all that stuff that makes you sleep well

Keeping your shoes on all the time during the flight can be uncomfortable (and a tad stinky to you and those around you).

So if you want to make your in-flight experiences more pleasant, you can actually ask for a pair of socks. Some airlines take the service further by offering free slippers.

Earplugs, eyeshades and blankets can also be requested to help you sleep better. And, if things get messy, like when you spill coffee over yourself for some reason or another, you’ll probably be able to get yourself a pair of pajamas on board.


4. Second serving of meals

This is for the hungry ones. Or if you love aeroplane food.

Image: Mainly Miles

You may get an extra meal, but only after everyone on board is fed, of course. There is bound to be extra food, so be patient and ask the flight attendant when your turn comes.

I’m sure the flight wouldn’t want the extra food to go to waste either.

But then again, you might be asked to pay for it so it’s 50-50 for this.

5. Extra snacks

Still hungry? No worries!


If your stomach is still grumbling after the meal or at some point in time during the flight, you can always request an extra bag of peanuts or pretzels. Feel free and munch away.

Same as #4, there’s a chance you’ll be asked to pay for it anyways. #BudgetAirlineFTW

6. Bandages and basic health care

Nobody would like to face a personal medical emergency during a flight.

Whether you’re having some form of heartburn or a splitting headache (from take-off), most flights are equipped with pain relief pills and other basic medication.

If you have some minor cuts, they have bandages and plaster ready to keep you safe and sound. And if you happen to hurt yourself (by bumping your head against the luggage slot for instance), the flight attendants have ice packs available for you.

7. Find a doctor

If you require medical assistance on board, be assured that almost all airlines have trained their cabin crew should the need arises.


The flight attendant will usually make an announcement over the loudspeaker, and airlines like Lufthansa have a cool program that rewards doctors with frequent flyer miles for identifying themselves to the airline early on in advance.

Just know that you’re in safe hands.

8. Wing Pins For Kids

These little neat wing pin souvenirs are still offered to kids to commemorate and make the flight more memorable for the young ones.

Even if you’re not a kid and still want the wing pin, you may just get lucky to get yourself that badge. Just remember to be polite and ask the flight attendant nicely.

Imagine how many wing pins you would have collected at each flight you take (if you like having keepsakes, that is) if you had just asked.


Or, if you’ve forgotten to get some nice souvenir to be given to your family when you return home from the trip.

9. Activity Packs for Kids

Keeping kids entertained and well-behaved during flights can be a challenge for parents. Sitting still for hours can make the children a little crankier than usual.

Several kid-friendly airlines offer activity packs for young children during long-haul flights. It’s usually packed with crayons, colouring books, stickers, and logbooks. To top it all up, you can request a bassinet for children to rest comfortably.

Have some peace of mind while your kids are engrossed in the activities that may keep them occupied for hours.

10. Cockpit tours

The cockpit is definitely a no-go zone just before and during a flight. But it’s possible to get a peek and a quick tour of the cockpit, especially if you’re asking on behalf of your kids.

To increase your chances of seeing the cockpit, do the following:

  • Ask the flight attendant about your request to see the cockpit
  • Wait for everybody to leave the plane
  • Pilots will usually entertain you at this point in time when they don’t feel rushed or busy
  • Get your kids starry-eyed as they marvel through the cockpit with all the equipment and gadgets inside. Who knows, you might just inspire your kid to start a flying career.

So there you have it, 10 things that are free on an aeroplane.

Be sure to try it out on your next flight!


Feature Image: SpaceKris / Shutterstock.com (Image for illustration purpose only)