10 Things Your Boyfriend Finds Really Annoying But Still Bites the Bullet

Ladies and guys, let’s put the fact out in the open first. No matter how much you avoid saying it, there’s one thing (or more!) about your partner that really is a buzzkill for you.

But you tolerate it. Because you love him. And he tolerates your flaws too, because he loves you too.

We’ve dug up 10 things that boyfriends find really annoying about their girlfriends, but because they don’t wanna break your heart, they’d rather die with the secret.

When you’re done reading this, ask your BF if any of these things annoy him. And check out his expressions as they fold out. You’ll see la, he will surely slightly smile at one point or two.

Then you know.

You Always Pick on His Food Instead of Ordering It For Yourself
Classic example. You walk into McDonald’s with your BF, and then insist on having no fries or McFlurry. BUT THE MOMENT it reaches the table, you take a bite out of it even before he can. He’s so cheesed of that he wants to fire you, but he knows you’ll get upset so he just bites the bullet.

You Like Cause You Think You Look Cute
Please don’t make this mistake (if you do) ever again. Guys prefer nothing more than honesty (who doesn’t?). If you don’t want to tick him off, tell him the truth 24/7.

You’re Smart But You Act Stupid
You’re especially hot to him when you know your stuff and aren’t afraid to say it. Don’t pretend like you want to be a bimbo, because he knows you’re better than that.

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You Talk in a “Cute” Voice
No need to sound like Sailormoon when you’re on the phone with him, or even worse, in real life. Just talk like how you usually do. Ditch the baby voice especially; your BF will prefer your own sexy voice leh.

You Borrow His Clothes and Don’t Return Them
Don’t. Just don’t. Imagine yourself in his shoes, and you’ll understand his anger. Especially if it’s a football jersey.

You Beat Around the Bush
Always so difficult to say what you wanna say, especially when you need help. Just be transparent and say what’s on your mind.

Being Super Loud and Obnoxious On Purpose
When you come in the room, you want the whole room’s attention to be on you. So you speak in your loudest voice and laugh louder. Your BF feels like he just wants to disappear into the corner.

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Talk About Your Problems to Others
Keep your own problems within yourselves, and learn to fix it yourselves. Don’t post on FB la, tweet about it, call your BFF la.

You Don’t Give Him Space
Sometimes, he just wants to go and hang out with the boys or sleep. He doesn’t want to go and watch movie or have coffee in a café. Let him be.

You’re Talking While He’s Trying To Concentrate on Something Else
Football game going on, and it’s almost score-time. Then you come and ask him if he wants to go for a haircut next Saturday. He looks at you and he misses the goal score.

So, how many did you nod your head to?

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