10 types of travelling you should do before you die because life is too short not to

Last Updated on 2016-07-13 , 6:06 pm

Travelling overseas is a means to escape from the hectic lifestyle that you may have when working or studying in Singapore.

You may use a short overseas vacation to relax and unwind, spend time with your loved ones and perhaps get some pampering in the form of retail therapy or massages.

Did you know that there are many reasons why we travel? Here are some types of travelling that you must tick off your bucket list!

For those who wish to have a meaningful and memorable vacation, you may join like-minded individuals who wish to help the less fortunate.

Travel to places where you can spend time doing community service and help to build schools or conduct lessons for the locals.

Some of you may enjoy this as it is a way of giving back to the community and also to realise how fortunate we are to be living in Singapore.

This is something all foodies would have tried at least once in their travels.

Good food is something that transcends boundaries and you may visit different countries to experience different cultures and cuisines that are unique to them.

I have heard of people who take short flights to neighbouring countries just to satisfy a craving for a certain food they have tried before.

Outdoor activities
Keeping fit is something that everyone should do as being in the pink of health is important.

For some of you, travelling overseas to try out outdoor activities such as white water rafting, mountain climbing or running marathons is no stranger to you, but to those who have not thought of this, you might want to give it a shot.

After all, there are not much spots in Singapore where you can do these activities.

Backpacking is a popular reason for the younger generation to travel as it allows you to travel on a smaller budget.

The places you will stay in are usually less expensive (read: less pampering) and you also get to visit more places in a single trip.

It also teaches you to be independent as you are responsible for planning your own journey and the amount you spend per destination is also based on your own budgeting

Many of you may choose to travel as a way to get away from the hectic working life that you may have. For ladies, you have retail therapy but for guys not so much, right?

Going overseas allows you to not worry about the stuff you have back at home and also gives you the chance to recharge your tired mind and body after slogging hard at work.

The best thing you can have when travelling is to disconnect from your busy lives back home and just unwind and not have a care in the world. Think beaches, an alcoholic drink and working on your tan. Good life.

Graduation Trip
Graduation symbolises the end of a student’s journey in their studies and going on graduation trips has become a trend among graduates. They will take this chance to have one last opportunity to relax and destress before they have to face the tough reality of the working world, which usually means the death of your social life.

For many couples, going on a honeymoon trip is what many newlyweds will do to savour the sweetness of getting married and to spend time with their loved one. It is also a chance for them to spend quiet moments together without any intereference.

School Trip
If you have gone overseas as part of a school trip, then you are really lucky. Going on school trips is something of a luxury for those 90s kids who may have gone on trips for purposes such as cultural exchanges or sporting events.

Tour Group
If you are someone that has no sense of  direction and you need GPS directions just to get to work or school from home, then you are probably someone who needs to join a tour group when travelling. If you were left to travel alone without a guide, chances are you’ll end up in Kyoto when you’re trying to make your way to Tokyo.

A word of caution for you, if you plan to embark on any travels with your best friend, you must be 200% that you know him inside out or else be prepared to lose him or her as a friend after you get back to Singapore.

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