10 Unknown Features About Telegram (Including How To Pin Message In Telegram)


Last Updated on 2023-07-15 , 10:10 am

If you’re a stick-in-the-mud like me, you probably don’t know much about the other instant messaging app that youngsters are using nowadays, and that’s Telegram. After gathering some info from my tech-savvy friends, I’m here to share 10 rather unknown features in Telegram with you so that we can catch up on what’s-going-on, including how to pin messages in Telegram.

Now, of course, before anything, do check out the Goody Feed Telegram channel because why not, right?

Telegram Passport

Tired of uploading your I.D. doc scans over and over again? Fret not! In July 2018, Telegram rolled out Telegram Passport, a unified authorisation method for services that require your identification. How convenient for someone as lazy as me; all I have to do is upload my docs once and share this data with services that require my identification!

If you’re a worrywart like Aunt Josephine, let me (or rather, Telegram) assure you that no one has access to your private docs except for the parties that you choose to share those docs with. Not even Telegram has access to your private data, as it is protected by a password that only you know.

After all, Telegram is well known for its security. And it’s not owned by Facebook #justsaying

Telegram Login for Websites

Now this is something we can all use. In February, Telegram introduced a Telegram Login Widget (sounds really complicated but it really isn’t).

All this means is that you get a two-click login on every website that supports signing in with Telegram. When you log in, you will be sending out your Telegram name, username and profile pic to the website owner.

Don’t worry, your phone number is still hidden.

The coolest part? Once you allow a bot to message you, you can actually interact with the site on Telegram.

If you change your mind about the authorization, you can revoke it anytime by tapping on the button on the login summary.

Secret Chats

Terrified that Gretchen Wieners will spill your secrets? Don’t worry, Telegram has got your back.

When it comes to Telegram’s secret chats, they take privacy to a whole new level. Unlike regular chats that are stored in the cloud, secret chats are confined solely to the devices of the sender and the recipient. No prying eyes, not even someone as notorious as Regina George, can gain access to these highly confidential conversations.

With secret chats on Telegram, you can feel assured that your messages remain exclusively between you and your intended recipient. No worries about unwanted leaks or security breaches. So go ahead, share your juiciest gossip or top-secret plans without a care in the world. Telegram has got your back, and Gretchen Wieners won’t stand a chance!

Your messages are safe as long as you keep your phone in your pocket lah. 

Lock Chats

Still afraid that your nosy parent or partner will snoop into your phone? I don’t know what deep secret you’re trying to hide but let me help you anyway.


Ok, so assuming that you have some dark secret to hide, just set a passcode to your chats.

Just tap on Settings>Privacy and Security>Passcode Lock. Then enter a pin and your secrets are safe. Even better, if you set auto-lock time, the chat will lockdown after a certain period. That’s for you lazy and secretive people out there.

And just for your info, Telegram’s grandparent, WhatsApp, does not have this feature yet and might be implementing it soon.

Kind of make you think that Telegram is Android and WhatsApp is Apple. #omgdidIjustsaythat

Self-Destructing Messages

Yes, I know this is Captain Obvious but since there are older readers here who think that Telegram is a way to transfer money (that’s Telegraphic Transfer BTW), we still have to include this.


But for you kiasi people out there who die-die also must gossip about your boss, there is even an option for you to set a time limit on the messages you send out. After this set amount of time, these secret chats (and blackmail/backstab potential) will disappear from all devices.

Though I won’t suggest you backstab your boss. Be a man and do it in front of him.

Note to boss who most likely is reading this: You’re ugly AF.

Video Messages 

Once again, I’m pretty sure everyone already knows about it by now, but for the benefit of you peeps who are just as outdated as I am, here you go.

You know how parents like to send voice messages to ask us to go home for dinner? Instead of having to work their fingers on the keypad, my parents prefer exercising their facial muscles. Knowing how much we (and our parents) love the speed and simplicity of voice messages, Telegram has developed video messages that work super swiftly.

All you have to do is to enter any chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode. To record a video, tap and hold the icon. Release when you’re done videoing yourself telling your mum that you’ll be good for dinner!


And as usual, WhatsApp has this feature, but it’s just for voice. Well done, WhatsApp. No wonder people are breaking up with you.


For those of you who everything also must Instastory/Snapchat, Telegram specially handcrafted this for you.

Meet Telescope.

With Telescope, you can use videos to communicate with all your fans (if you have any, that is). Public videos can be shared outside of Telegram, making them available to anyone who cares. Even those who don’t have Telegram can also kaypoh and view your videos on Facebook or Twitter.

Edit Messages

Always say already then think? Wah, heng ah, Telegram is here to help.


Say goodbye to those embarrassing typos and embarrassing foot-in-mouth mishaps! Get ready for a revolutionary feature that gives you the ability to correct your message errors after pressing the treacherous “send” button.

Simply press and hold the message you want to change and then choose ‘edit’.

Though a small “edited” label will be displayed discreetly, it’s a small price to pay for the restoration of your linguistic dignity. After all, it’s vastly preferable to being stuck in the quicksand of regret, burdened by a reckless comment for the rest of your life. Even if the proof of your first gaffe remains apparent, you can at least correct your blunders and save face with this editing option.

‘Last Seen’ As You Want It

Ever gotten into trouble with your boyfriend/girlfriend for not replying their messages even though you were online? Save yourself from trouble and heartache by hiding your last seen time!

You can specify who will see your ‘last seen’ time. Add as many exceptions as you want: your relentless project mate, your obsessive partner…

Hey, WhatsApp, you listening? When the heck are you going to be a man and implement these features?


Last but not least, with the news of WhatsApp having ads soon, I’m so relieved that Telegram has promised to remain ad-free. According to Telegram, “making profits will never be an end-goal for Telegram”.

Though, ermm our dearest WhatsApp kind of made that promise too, but look what’s happened.


P.S., if you ever wondered how to pin message in Telegram group chats, all you have to do is long-press the message and click ‘pin’. It’s as simple as that. 

In any case, I’m pretty sure reading this would convince you that Telegram is better than WhatsApp–at least in terms of features.

What are you waiting for now? Go download Telegram!