100 New Pokémons Coming to Pokémon GO, The Game That Lived as Long as Note 7


If you remember, a long, long time ago, there used to be a game called Pokémon GO that you accessed every single hour on your smartphone.

You might have forgotten about it, but the app has not forgotten you, and this news might just make you download the app again: new Pokémons are finally coming.

One of the key reasons why people have abandoned the game is primarily due to the lack of new innovative features, in particular new Pokémons. I mean, one can only get excited catching 142 Pokémons for a limited time.

According to Silph Road, the latest update from v0.45.0 has codes that indicate a few new features, like a new move, a quest system…and 100 new Pokémons referenced.

This means the Pokedex will soon be increased to #251.

These codes are currently unused, but will potentially be used soon.

Business Insider even did a more comprehensive report of this, listing out all the 100 new Pokémons with their photos that will be in the game.

Known as the Gen 2 Pokémons, these Pokémons first appeared in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver for the Game Boy Color and made its debut in 1999, three years after the first Pokémon game.

If you want a more informative look at the stats and power of some of these new Pokémon, here’s one compiled by BGR.

So far, it is unknown when the Gen 2 Pokémons will be officially released, but looking at the dwindling number of players, I bet Niantic is working on overdrive to push it out before the end of the year.

Featured Image: bgr.com

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