Everything About “1001 Arabian Nights”, a 2005 Song That Just Got Viral Due to TikTok


Before 2022, most of us knew the phrase “1001 Arabian Nights” as a collection of folk tales from the Middle East and South Asian. 

Most of us were probably only aware of one story, a.k.a “Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp” within the collection, since it inspired Disney’s Aladdin.

However, the term “1001 Arabian Nights” has taken a completely different connotation for TikTok users.

The 1001 Arabian Nights Trend

“Open Sesame

1-0-0-1 nights

Arabian nights

It’s a journey…”

I bet most of you have heard this catchy earworm invading your TikTok feed.

The trend comes in the form of a dance. If you know TikTok, you know that users love dancing.

The dance consists of opening up your arms like the Spongebob “Imagination” meme during “Open Sesame”.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

After which, your hands form  “one-o-o-one”, followed by horse-riding moves.

@phoebe.mulyana open sesame✨ #dancechallenge #tutorial #tiktokdance ♬ 1001 Arabian Nights – Chipz

With a simple but fun dance to a catchy tune, it’s no wonder this sound has gone viral.

his dance tutorial alone has 6.2 million views and 292.1K likes.

The History of 1001 Arabian Nights

What’s the story behind the song that brought us this beloved TikTok trend?

“1001 Arabian Nights” is actually a song by Dutch band Ch!pz. The song comes from their 2005 album The World of Ch!pz. 


While the song was popular in countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, it remained relatively unknown in other parts of the world.

The song’s music video is based on the story of Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp

In a Middle Eastern city, a thief with desires to be the richest man in the world steals a magic lamp. The band battles the bodyguards who are searching for the thief.

While some band members distract the thief, the others steal the lamp, and the band escapes. The band returns the lamp to the city, and the thief is arrested. 

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1001 Arabian Nights’ Legacy

Though “1001 Arabian Nights” was seemingly forgotten about, the song resurfaced in November 2022 as a trending sound.


Funnily enough, Ch!pz themselves are aware of how popular their song has become and have even done a few TikTok videos with the trending sound.

They did a TikTok video comparing the original dance from the music video and the adapted TikTok dance, which stands at 1.2 million likes.

@chipzofficial Which one do you like the best? Thx for all the support after all those years ❤️ @korthom #chipz #1001 #arabiannights #1001arabiannights #chipzisback #fyp ♬ 1001 Arabian Nights – Chipz

They’ve also done a TikTok video showing the comparison of them now vs them in the 2005 music video.

@chipzofficial Have you ever seen the original videoclip? #arabiannights #chipz #chipzisback #tiktokdance #fy #foryoupage #viral ♬ 1001 Arabian Nights – Chipz

Currently, the trending sound stands at a whopping 5 million videos, that’s about the same number as Singapore’s population!


Since its revival, the song has become the No.1 hit on Spotify in many countries.

While trends come and go and the hype will eventually die down, it is no doubt that when people think of 2022 TikTok, “1001 Arabian Nights” will come to mind.

I mean, even Uncle Raymond has jumped on the “1001 Arabian Nights” bandwagon.

@raymondl88 Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. 感恩遇见,开心就好,我们跳舞吧!#uncleraymond #fyp #renopedia ♬ 1001 Arabian Nights – Chipz

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Featured Image: Ch!pz/youtube.com; tiktok.com